JOINT OPERATION: MOS MAIORUM: Media coverage (14.10.14)

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• EUROPEAN COMMISSION FOLLOWS FRONTEX AND DISTANCES ITSELF - AND EUROPOL - FROM COUNCIL'S JOINT OPERATION "MOS MAIORUM: News agency ANSA reports: "EU Commission denies involvement... the EU Commission has clearly stated that "it is a joint police operation, launched by the Italian six-month presidency of the EU Council. The coordinating authority is the Italian interior ministry and the European Commission is not involved in the operation, and nor has community funding been made available." It stressed that Europol is not involved either."

REFUGEES WELCOME (link): "Between October 13th and 26th a joint police operation called "mos maiorum" take place in nearly all European countries to identify, imprison and finally deport illegalized migrants. Thousands of people will be subject to so called "racial profiling" and will be harrased and criminalised upon those criteria. This site tries to document the actions that are part of "mos maiorum" and to make ist effects visible to everyone. Please contribute to document public police checkpoints or identity checks throughout the european union." [emphasis added]

EU ruft zu Großfahndung "Mos Maiorum" 25 Länder suchen illegale Einwanderer [The EU calls for large scale operation "Mos Maiorum" - 25 countries
search for illegal immigrants German TV: Chanel 5, Tagesschau, 13.10.2014 - watch the video]:

"Die Polizei in 25 Schengen-Staaten hat eine koordinierte Fahndung nach illegalen Einwanderern und Schlepperbanden aufgenommen. Im Zuge der Aktion "Mos Maiorum" werden zwei Wochen lang Bahn- und Flughäfen sowie Grenzübergänge intensiv kontrolliert. Flüchtlingsorganisationen kritisieren, Europa schotte sich immer mehr ab."

[Police in 25 Schengen countires has launched a coordinated search for illegal immigrants and traffickers. Under the head of operation "Mos
Maiorum", for two weeks train stations and airports as well as border crossings will be intensively checked. Refugee organisations criticise that Europe is continuing to seal itself off, Statewatch translation]

Sans Papiers Ni Frontières - Contre les frontières et leurs prisons - Opération Mos Maiorum, jour 1: 13 octobre 2014. Les contrôles dans le cadre de l’opération Mos Maiorum ont commencé. (link) See: JOINT OPERATION "MOS MAIORUM" Checks within the framework of operation "Mos Maiorum" have begun [Statewatch translation]

Police launch EU-wide crackdown on migrants (euobserver, link):

"A two-week massive EU-wide border control and police crackdown on irregular migrants was launched on Monday (13 October) by the Italian EU presidency. Thousands of police officers from the 26 countries in the EU’s Schengen border-free zone will be dispatched to border crossings, railway stations, bus depots, and elsewhere in a joint-police operation called Mos Maiorum.

The Schengen zone includes 22 member states as well as Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland. But one unnamed Schengen country has refused to participate."
[emphasis added]

EU states launch controversial police hunt for irregular migrants (Malta Today, link)

Media and web coverage (12.10.14,pdf) and SECOND batch of web-media coverage (13.10.14, pdf)

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