London police trial gang violence 'predicting' software

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"It is clear that harnessing and analysing vast data sets may simplify the work of the police," said European human rights group Statewatch earlier this year

"However, this in itself is not a justification for their use. There are all sorts of powers that could be given to law enforcement agencies, but which are not, due to the need to protect individual rights and the rule of law - effectiveness should never be the only yardstick by which law enforcement powers are assessed.

"The ends of crime detection, prevention and reduction cannot in themselves justify the means of indiscriminate data-gathering and processing."

See the article: London police trial gang violence 'predicting' software (BBC News, link)

See also: Met Police trials analytics to fight gang crime (, link), London Metropolitan Police Service and Accenture Complete Analytics Pilot Program to Fight Gang Crime (Accenture, link), Met chief with huge pension to work for firm advising police (Daily Mail, link), Accenture and the outsourcers (Police Market report, link) and Next Generation Policing: Accenture Police Center of Excellence (link)

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