Germany: Surveillance: three recent new stories

Germany: Surveillance: three recent new stories:

- Is the German State hacking its own citizens? (, 11.10.11, link) A German Hacker Collective analysed a piece of spying software they believe to have been written by the German government which, once installed on a computer, can monitor conversations on Skype, log keystrokes and remotely switch on the computer’s webcam.

- Several German states admit to use of controversial spy software (, 11.10.11, link) "A number of other German states have followed Bavaria in confirming the use of a controversial software program to spy on people through their computers. The German justice minister has demanded an investigation."

- German military unveils super drone (, 12.10.11, link) "The German military on Wednesday unveiled the new “Euro Hawk” super drone, whose size and range is set to revolutionize the Bundeswehr’s intelligence-gathering capabilities."


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