UK: Stop and search figures released by the Justice Ministry for 2005-6 (England an Wales)

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Stop and Search figures (pdf)

"Overall, Black people were nearly 7 times more likely to be searched than White people (this ratio is higher than the 2004/5 ratio of 6 times)."

Asian people were 2.1 times as likely as White people to be stopped and searched, compared to 1.8 times in the previous year. People in the ‘Other’ ethnic group were 1.7 times more likely to be stopped than White people in 2005/6, compared with 1.6 times in 2004/52.

In 2005/6 there were 878,153 stop and searches of persons recorded by the police under section 1 of PACE and other legislation (Table 4.1). Of these, 135,262 (15%) were of Black people, 69,274 (8%) of Asian people and 14,101 (2%) of people of ‘Other’ ethnic origin. Under PACE: Only 12% resulted in an arrest (no figures of given of those subsequently charged or convicted)

A further 36,248 were stopped and searched under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (no arrest figures are given)

Terrorism Act: A total of 44,543 searches were made under section 44 (1) and 44 (2) of the Terrorism Act 2000 in 2005/6 compared with 33,177 in 2004/58, an overall increase of 34% (Table 4.6). Searches of Asian people increased from 3,697 to 6,805 (up 84%), searches of Black people increased from 2,744 to 4,155 (up 51%). Searches of people in the “Other” ethnic group also increased, from 1,428 in 2004/5 to 1,937 in 2005/6 (up 36%),

Extraordinarily out of 25,479 people under 44.1 of the Terrorism Act (vehicle occupants) only 46 were arrested and a further 246 for other offences. Under 44.2 (stop and searches of pedestrians) of the Terrorism Act 19,064 people were involved of whom only 59 were arrested and with a further 212 for other offences.

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