Spain/Euskadi: ETA issues second ceasefire statement

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Full-text of the second statement made by ETA on 23 March 2006
[unofficial translation by Statewatch]


Through this Declaration, ETA, the socialist Basque revolutionary national liberation organisation, wishes to make known the following decision:

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna has decided to declare a permanent ceasefire starting at 0:00 hr. on 24 March 2006.

Reflection by ETA
The aim of this decision is to promote a democratic process in Euskal Herria so that through dialogue, negotiation and agreement, the Basque People may be able to carry out the political change that it needs.

Moving beyond the current framework of denial, partition and imposition, it is necessary to construct a democratic framework for Euskal Herria, acknowledging the rights that belong to it as a people and ensuring, with a view to the future, the possibility of development of all political options.

At the end of this process, Basque citizens must have the say and the decision about their future, thus providing a democratic solution to the conflict.

ETA considers that it is the responsibility of all the Basque agents to develop this process and to adopt the corresponding agreements for the future of Euskal Herria, taking into account its plurality and totality.

The French and Spanish States must recognise the results of this democratic process, without any kind of interference or limitations. The decision that us Basque citizens adopt concerning our future will have to be respected.

Call from ETA

We issue a call to all the agents to act responsibly and to be consequent before the step that ETA has taken.

It is a time for compromises. We must all take on responsibilities to construct the democratic solution that the Basque People requires. It is the moment to take decisions of importance, passing from words to facts.

ETA issues a call to the authorities of Spain and France to respond positively to this new situation and not to place any obstacles in the way of the democratic process, setting aside repression and displaying the will to find a negotiated exit route to the conflict.

Finally, we issue a call to Basque citizens in general, and particularly to the militants of the Izquierda Abertzale (the Basque nationalist left), to get involved in this process and to struggle for the rights that belong to us as a People.

Commitment by ETA

ETA displays its desire and will for the process that has been opened to reach its end, thus achieving a truly democratic situation for Euskal Herria, leaving behind the long years of conflict and constructing a peace that is based on justice. We reaffirm our commitment to continue taking steps in the future that reflect this will and to continue struggling until the rights of Euskal Herria are attained.

To leave behind the conflict, here and now, is possible. And this is the desire and the will of ETA.

In Euskal Herria, March 2006

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna


Full-text of the statement made by ETA on 23 March 2006
[original, in Spanish, taken from the El País website at:]


ETA organización socialista revolucionaria vasca de liberación nacional, desea mediante esta Declaración dar a conocer la siguiente decisión:

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna ha decidido declarar un alto el fuego permanente a partir de las 00:00 horas del 24 de marzo de 2006.
Reflexión de ETA

El objetivo de esta decisión es impulsar un proceso democrático en Euskal Herria para que mediante el diálogo, la negociación y el acuerdo, el Pueblo Vasco pueda realizar el cambio político que necesita.

Superando el actual marco de negación, partición e imposición hay que construir un mar

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