UK-USA: FBI orders the seizure of Indymedia's servers in USA and UK

The FBI has ordered the seizure of Indymedia's servers in USA and UK (link) Indymedia's hard disks sequestred by FBI (link)

"US authorities have issued a federal order to Rackspace's office in the US ordering them to hand over Indymedia's hardware (server) located in London. Rackspace is one of Indymed's web hosting providers with offices in the US and London. Rackspace complied, without first notifying Indymedia, and handed over Indymedia's server in the UK. This affects some 20+ Indymedia sites worldwide. As the subpoena was issued to Rackspace in the USA, and not to Indymedia, the reasons for this action are still unknown. Rackspace stated that "they cannot provide Indymedia with any information regarding the order". It is unclear to Indymedia how and why a server that is outside the US jurisdiction can be seized by US authorities." (8.10.04)

The list of affected local media collectives includes Ambazonia, Uruguay, Andorra, Poland, Western Massachusetts, Nice, Nantes, Lilles, Marseille (all France), Euskal Herria (Basque Country), Liege, East and West Vlaanderen, Antwerpen (all Belgium), Belgrade, Portugal, Prague, Galiza, Italy, Brazil, UK, part of the Germany site, and the global Indymedia Radio site.


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