EU Constitution: Consolidated agreed texts

Prepared by by Steve Peers, Professor of Law, University of Essex:

a. New: 28.6.04: Renumbered text of the EU Constitution: Renumbered text of EU Constitution (pdf)

b. Consolidated agreed text: Part I (pdf)

c. Consolidated agreed text: Parts II and IV (pdf)

d. "Justice and Home Affairs": Constitution: JHA (pdf)

e. Judicial Provisions (pdf)

f. Summary of the the abolition/retention of vetoes under the Constitution: Vetoes summary (pdf)

1. The Council have now produced a full consolidated text: CIG 86 (pdf, 325 pages, 930k)

2. The Council has produced 88 pages of "Declarations" to be attached to the Constitution: CIG 86 ADD 2 (pdf)

3. New: 29.06.04: The Council has produced a full list of Protocols - another 351 pages - to be attached to the Constitution: CIG 86 ADD 1 (pdf). This makes the full Constitution 764 pages - a bit of summer reading.


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