Greek Presidency Summit, June 2003 - documents

This page will carry documents from the EU Summit in Greece as they become available:

Letter of Invitation with broad agenda from Greek Prime Minister: Letter (link)

1. Council Conclusions on: 10621/03 (pdf): Note that passports for EU citizens are to include standardised biometric data as well.

2. Returns Action Programme: 13515/3/02 (pdf)

3. Integration policy for third country nationals: 10622/03

4. Proposed Council Directive on granting and withdrawing refugee status (released 19.6.03): 9947/03 (pdf)

5. Proposed Directive on transit "for the purposes of removal by air": 9752/03 (released 19.6.03): 9752/03 (pdf)

6. A report on EU-US relations gives the broad agenda for the EU-US Summit in Washington on 25 June. The subjects include: counter-terrorism, the EU's Galileo space project, and two unresolved issues: US access to PNR (Passenger Name Record, see: Report) and the Container Security Initiative (see: Report): 10623/02 (pdf)

Relevant documents from the European Commission

1. Towards more accessible, equitable and managed asylum system: COM (2003) 315 (pdf) COM (2003) 315 (Word)

2. On the development of a common policy on illegal immigration, smuggling and trafficking of human beings, external borders and the return of illegal immigrants: COM (2003) 323 (pdf)

3. Commission on returns: European Commission publishes Communication on a "Community return policy on illegal residents, 14.10.2002, COM(2002) 564 final: Full text (pdf) Statewatch analysis of Green Paper

Other relevant documents and analysis

1. EU buffer states and UNHCR “processing” centres and "safe havens": Report and documentation

2. The EU summit (European Council) in Seville in June 2002 agreed on far-reaching EU policies regarding illegal immigration, with potential huge impact on human rights, asylum-seekers and developing countries: Seville Conclusions on asylum & immigration

Press coverage

i) BBC on security preparations to protect Summit from protestors: BBC (link)
ii) Independent on issues that will not be discussed: Independent (link)


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