Statewatch News online: 10 days in the life of "Secret Europe"

10 days in the life of "Secret Europe"
Hidden policy-making, hidden influences - rights and liberties in danger

Over the next 10 days Statewatch will be publishing a series of stories and analyses on EU policy-making on Statewatch News online. Two themes links these articles:

1) they can only be written by obtaining documents which the Council of the European Union has not put on the public register of documents or to which access has been refused;

2) they concern major new developments in EU policies and practices post 11 September affecting peoples' civil liberties and the rights of migrants.

New Reg... 11 September

 Denied EU document reveals issues of public interest: document refused on grounds it concerned the "campaign against terrorism" contains further far-reaching proposals on surveillance, particularly of immigrants, including: "preventive information gathering"


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