Statewatch News online: Norwegian expelled from Schengen for five years

Norwegian expelled from Schengen for five years

A Norwegian woman has been sentenced to keep out of the entire Schengen area, except Norway, for five years, according to a decision made by the local court of Lund in Sweden, reports Norwegian paper Aftenposten.

The woman was also sentenced to four months' imprisonment for three cases of fraud and one case of theft, and when she has served her prison sentence, she will have to stay in Norway for the next five years.

"The Schengen part of the sentence must be due to a misunderstanding on the part of the court," says Gunilla Lagersten, barrister for the woman who is going to appeal this part of the sentence. "She has been expelled from Sweden, but in our opinion it is not possible to keep her out of the entire Schengen area or to force her to stay in Norway."

The 45 year old women has served several sentences for fraud in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, according
to Aftenposten.

Written by Luise Hemmer Pihl
Edited by Lisbeth Kirk

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