News in Brief Archive January-February 2001

February 2001

Criminal Justice and Police Bill: CJP Bill
Liberty briefing on the Criminal Justice and Police Bill, 2nd Reading Briefing - Jan 2001, House of Commons: Liberty

Both of the following documents concern "standards" for the telecommunications industry for the planned interception of all telecommunications. The first is from European Telecommunications Standards Insitute (ESTI) dated 1999, the second is from the US telecommunications industry: 1) ETSI Standard Telecommunications security: Lawful interception (LI): Handover interface for the lawful interception of telecommunications traffic (another large pdf file): ETSI
2) "Lawfully Authorised Electronic Surveillance", standards for interception prepared by the US elecommunications industry (it is a large 495k pdf file): LAES

Interception Requirements Get Dutch Internet Providers Into Trouble, Jelle van Buuren, 15.02.2001: ISPs

DCS1000: The device formerly known as: Carnivore

The full-text of the Annual Report for 1999-2000 of the UK's Intelligence and Security Committee is on: Cryptome

UK Prime Minister and Home Secretary argue: Refugees and asylum-seekers: no, "legal migration": yes. Critics take them to task: No to refugees

Human Rights Watch comments on Greek Immigration Bill: Greece (pdf)

World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre, Brazil: details of the counter meeting to the World Economic Forum in Davros: WSF

January 2001

Report from the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service: Anti-globalisation - a spreading phenomenon and article from Le Monde Diplomatique on the debate: Frightening the free marketeers

Full-text: EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: Charter

Europe: New draft, 22.12.00: Council of Europe Convention on cyber crime attacked by civil society groups


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