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With regret, in June 2014 we had to take the decision to suspend publication of the Journal due to resource constraints. We hope to revive a regular publication sometime in the future. For the time being we will continue to publish regular news, reports, analysis and links on the Statewatch website, along with occasional hard copy publications.

We are making available as a collection of essays articles which were due for publication in an issue of the Journal on the theme of 'the European Union and Uncle Sam'. The majority of the articles are now available (see below).

The Statewatch Bulletin was launched in 1991 and at the beginning of 2013 became the Statewatch Journal - 2014 marked its 24th year of publication. It was published quarterly and included articles, reviews and research sources analysing policies and practices adopted by European national governments and EU institutions and their implications for civil liberties. Contributors included lawyers, academics, journalists, researchers and community activists drawn from countries across Europe.

All back issues are available for free online. You can still support our work financially by making a donation or becoming a Friend of Statewatch.

If you are interested in contributing information or articles to Statewatch, or would like to submit books for review, please get in touch.


Essay collection: The EU and Uncle Sam

TTIP and TiSA: big pressure to trade away privacy by Ralf Bendrath

Piecing together the puzzle: making US torturers in Europe accountable by Andreas Schüller and Morenike Fajana

State secrets in the Abu Omar case: the transatlantic relationship undermines the rule of law in cases involving human rights abuses by intelligence services by Yasha Maccanico

"Call it intercontinental collaboration": radicalisation, violent extremism and fusion centres by Chris Jones

2013 2012
Borders, deaths and resistance
vol 23 no 3/4
| pdf | full contents

Editorial: Exclusion and denial by Ben Hayes

The cradle or the grave? EU migration policy and human rights by Frances Webber

"We want to welcome the living, not the dead" by Matt Carr

Eurosur: saving lives or reinforcing deadly borders? by Charles Heller and Chris Jones

Frontex and fundamental rights: a love story? by Leila Giannetto

EU joint police operations target irregular migrants by Chris Jones

A very British death: inquest returns unlawful killing verdict on outsourced deportation death of Jimmy Mubenga by Trevor Hemmings

Refugee protests in Europe: fighting for the right to stay by Katrin McGuaran and Kees Hudig

Informants, spies and subversion
vol 23 no 2
| pdf | full contents

A duty to inform? The outsourcing of state surveillance responsibilities to the British public by Max Rowlands

Shining a light on deadly informers: The de Silva report on the murder of Pat Finucane by Paddy Hillyard and Margaret Urwin

Secrets and lies: undercover police operations raise more questions than answers by Chris Jones

Grassing: the use and impact of informants in the War on Terror by Aviva Stahl

Every Man a Capitalist: The long history of monitoring unsuitable workers in the UK by Trevor Hemmings

Neighbourhood patrols, vigilantism and countervigilantism in Spain by Gemma Galdon-Clavell

Sanctions for stowaways: how merchant shipping joined the border police by Paloma Maquet and Julia Burtin Zortea (also available in French: Quand la marine marchande seconde la police aux frontières: externalisation et soustraitance des contrôles migratoires dans le milieu maritime, pdf)

Austerity, democracy and civil liberties
vol 23 no 1
| pdf | full contents

Discipline and discontent: coalition government extends "slave labour" welfare policy by Chris Jones

Kick 'em all out? Anti-politics and post-democracy in the European Union by Leigh Phillips

Austerity policies also cut rights and liberties in Spain by Peio M. Aierbe

Using the Italian crisis to impose control: a shift towards a fiscal surveillance state? by Yasha Maccanico

Golden Dawn and the deafening silence of Europe by Jerome Roos

Collective punishment and pre-emptive policing in times of riot and resistance by Nick Moss

Belgian municipal fines cause growing dissent by Kees Hudig

vol 22 no 4 | pdf | full contents

Secrecy reigns at the EUs Intelligence Analysis Centre by Chris Jones

Expulsion of Roma: the French governments broken promise by Marie Martin

ITALY: Open-ended emergenciesthree years on by Yasha Maccanico

Perfidious Albion: Cover-up and Collusion in Northern Ireland by Paddy Hillyard

vol 22 no 2/3 | pdf | full contents

UK: Governments secret justiceBill widely condemned by Max Rowlands

Netherlands: Increased use of firearms by Dutch police by Kees Hudig

When dissent becomes subversion by Liz Fekete

UK: Police force more than minimallycontributed to Sean Riggs death by Trevor Hemmings

UK: The real immigration debateby Frances Webber

The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility: the state of play by Marie Martin

EU: The democratic accountability of the EUs legislative procedures by Steve Peers

TESAT report shows decrease in terrorist activity in 2011 but national police forces see a continuing threat by Yasha Maccanico

EU: Secretive Frontex Working Group seeks to increase surveillance of travellers by Chris Jones

vol 22 no 1 | pdf | full contents

European governments step up repression of anti-austerity activists by Kees Hudig

Growing racism in the EU not just a Member State issue by Marie Martin

Counter-terrorism, policy-launderingand the FATF: legalising surveillance, regulating civil society by Ben Hayes

Securitising maritime transport: shipping merchandise and dealing with stowawaysby Yasha Maccanico

UK: Nationwide vigils commemorate deaths in custody by Trevor Hemmings

Complex, technologically fraught and expensive- the problematic implementation of the Prum Decision by Chris Jones

2011 2010
vol 21 no 4 | pdf | full contents

Tackling new threats upon which the security and prosperity of our free societies increasingly depend: the EU-US Working Group on Cyber Security and Cyber crime by Chris Jones

Support for ACTA wanes following mass protests by Max Rowlands

State Trojans: Germany exports spyware with a badgeby Kees Hudig

The comparative study of forced return monitoring in Europe by Matrix/ICMPD by Marie Martin

The EUs accession to the European Convention on Human Rights: a cause for celebration or concern? by Chris Jones

vol 21 no 3 | pdf | full contents

Criticism of UK Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures mounts as government retains power to forcibly relocate suspects by Max Rowlands

The Arab Spring of Security made in Germanyby Eric Töpfer

Dresden Handygatescandal and the persecution of anti-fascist activists by Kees Hudig

The EUs self-interested response to unrest in north Africa: the meaning of treaties and readmission agreements between Italy and north African states by Yasha Maccanico

Transparent social networks: investigations into digital social interactions by Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti

The Arab Spring and the death toll in the Mediterranean: the true face of Fortress Europe by Marie Martin

vol 21 no 2 | pdf | full contents

EU: A new player in Security Research: the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) by Eric Töpfer

Using false documents against "Euro-anarchists": the exchange of Anglo-German undercover police highlights controversial police operations by Matthias Monroy

UK: Arrests, raids and wedding parades by Chris Jones

UK: Collateral damage by Nick Moss

VIEWPOINT: Ten Years after the G8 Summit in Genoa by Salvatore Palidda

UK: Mandatory data retention of communications data: update and developments by Chris Jones

vol 21 no 1 | pdf | full contents

EU: Network with errors: Europes emerging web of DNA databases by Eric Töpfer

UK: Review of counter-terrorism powers fails to deliver definitive change by Max Rowlands

Public order and demonstrations in Italy: heavy-handed policing, militarisation and prohibition by Yasha Maccanico

UK: The death of Jimmy Mubenga: Securing your worldthrough privatised manslaughterby Trevor Hemmings

GERMANY: Berlin police officer sentenced: eight shots are not self-defence

GERMANY: Policing popular mass protests: the transport of nuclear waste at Gorleben, Germanyby Kees Hudig

EU: Lubricating the flow of information in the EU by Eric Töpfer

vol 20 no 3/4 | pdf | full contents

Time to rethink terrorist blacklisting by Ben Hayes

EU: Deepening the democratic deficit: the failure to enshrinethe publics right of access to EU documents by Tony Bunyan

The growing use of "preventative" arrests by Kees Hudig

Civil liberties in the UK: Future of data retention and counter-terrorism powers uncertain as splits within the coalition become apparent by Max Rowlands

EU: The law will bring peace- a view on the European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) by Tim Schumacher

GERMANY: The German Security Research Programme: transferring military technology - securitising civil research by Eric Töpfer

EU: Controls, detention and expulsions at Europe borders by Yasha Maccanico

vol 20 no 2 | pdf | full contents

EU: First thoughts on the EU's internal security strategy by Tony Bunyan

EU: Security at international summits: not for protestors by Kees Hudig

UK: Will the imprisonment of children at Yarls Wood end? by Trevor Hemmings

UK: Speculative invoicingschemes target internet file-sharers and individuals accused of minor retail crime by Max Rowlands

GERMANY: I dont want to be forced to lieInterview with privacy activist Padeluun

FRANCE: Collective expulsions of Roma people undermines EUs founding principles by Yasha Maccanico

vol 20 no 1 | pdf | full contents

NETHERLANDS: Central databases challenged by Kees Hudig

UK: New coalition government pledges to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties and roll-back state intrusionby Max Rowlands

SPAIN: Migrant minors at risk by Peio Aierbe

FRANCE: Ten convictions over Vincennes detention centre fire by Yasha Maccanico

UK: Broadening the definition of terrorism: criminalising the Mandelas as well as the bin-Ladens by Nick Moss

Spying in a see through world: the Open Sourceintelligence industry by Ben Hayes

2009 2008
vol 19 no 4 | pdf | full contents

UK Governments clumsy, indiscriminate and disproportionateapproach to DNA retention by Max Rowlands

GERMANY: The Federal Republics security services from the Cold War to the new security architectureby Norbet Pütter

ITALY: Shocking death spotlights prisoners plight by Yasha Maccanico

Unisys Corp: A spider in the web of high-tech security by Eric Töpfer

UK: Yarls Wood No place for a child: New hunger strike over conditions at immigration detention centre by Trevor Hemmings

UK: Misuse of section 44 stop and search powers continues despite European Court ruling by Max Rowlands

EU: EU decision-making after the Treaty of Lisbon: a quick guide by Steve Peers

vol 19 no 3 | pdf | full contents

EU protests: Troublemakersdatabase and travelling violent offenders(undefined) to be recorded and targeted by Tony Bunyan

GERMANY: A network being networked: the Federal Criminal Police Office databases and the surveillance of troublemakersby Eric Töpfer

UK: Shock and anger at the violent policing tactics used at the G20 Summit: Part 2 by Trevor Hemmings

NETHERLANDS: Biometric passport data linked to criminal databases by Johan van Someren and Katrin McGauran

EU: Notes on the high-tec industry of European Border Control: migration control and the arms industry in EU security research policy by Vassilis Tsianos

ITALY: The internal and external fronts: security package and returns to Libya by Yasha Maccanico

EU: Homeland Security comes to Europe by Ben Hayes

vol 19 no 2 | pdf | full contents

EU: European Parliament: Abolish 1st (and 2nd) reading secret deals - lets have open democratic debate warts and allby Tony Bunyan

UK: Shock and anger at the violent policing tactics used at the G20 Summit by Trevor Hemmings

GERMANY: The Fruits of Torture: Stammheim trial confirms criticism of German anti-terrorist law by Christina Clemm and Ulrich von Klinggräff

EU: An employment office in Bamako: the European Unions transformation of Mali into a migration control laboratory by Stephan Dünnwald

UK: New immigration system forces UK academics to act as an extra arm of the policeby Max Rowlands

SPAIN: The Spanish police transition: a paradigm of continuity by Mikel Aramendi

GERMANY: National Socialist continuities in the German police by Stephan Linck

vol 19 no 1 | pdf | full contents

EU: SIS II in crisis: SIS I reloaded? by Eric Töpfer

EU: EU agrees rules for remote computer access by LEAs - but fails, as usual, to mention the security and intelligence agencies by Tony Bunyan

EU-IRAQ: The forgotten casualties of the war by Max Rowlands

EU: Statewatch wins complaint against European Commission over its failure to maintain a proper public register of documents by Tony Bunyan

ITALY: The never ending emergency by Italo di Sabato

EU: Deaths at the borders continue the effect of EU policies in Morocco - Introduction by Yasha Maccanico, articles by Said Tbel and Jerome Valluy

EU: The need for new alliances of anti-trafficking organisations by Katrin McGauran

UK: British National Party membership list leaked by Trevor Hemmings

SPAIN: Draft reform of the immigration law by Peio Aierbe

vol 18 no 4 | pdf | full contents

EU: EU agrees US demands to re-write data protection agreement by Tony Bunyan

ITALY: Making sense of the Genoa G8 trials and aftermath by Yasha Maccanico

UK: The shake-up in UK immigration control by Frances Webber

EU-TURKEY: Virtual walls in the South East: Turkey on its way to Schengen by Emre Ertem

SPAIN: Reports detail abuses committed by police forces in demonstrations, prisons and against migrants by Yasha Maccanico

GERMANY: Permanent state of prevention (pre-emption) by Katrin McGauran

EU: The need for new alliances of anti-trafficking organisations by Katrin McGauran

UK: Joint Committee on Human Rights enquiry into policing and protest by Max Rowlands

vol 18 no 3 | pdf | full contents | accompanying news digest

EU: Remote searches of computer hard drives by Tony Bunyan

ITALY: Who should be scared of whom? by Yasha Maccanico

EU-USA: On the targeting of activists in the War on Terrorby Gene Ray

GERMANY: Banana Republicor institutional racism? Impunity reigns over black death in custody by Katrin McGauran

SPAIN: Local police forces activity grows inspite of scandals and lack of accountability by Guillerme Presa Suarez

UK: Inquiry into state sanctioned abuseof asylum-seekers by Trevor Hemmings

EU: Searching for Needles in an ever expanding haystack: Cross-border DNA data exchange in the wake of the Prum Treaty by Eric Topfer

UK: Joint Committee on Human Rights enquiry into policing and protest by Max Rowlands

UK: Media Freedoms in the UK curtailed by police culture of suspicionand double standards by Max Rowlands

VIEWPOINT: Improved security? Or a cancerous growth? by Phil Hunt

vol 18 no 2 | pdf | full contents | accompanying news digest

EU: EU Future Group: Euro-Atlantic area of cooperation on justice and home affairs to be created plus spying drones, European Gendarmerie, principle of convergenceand the digital tsunamiby Tony Bunyan

EU: The digital tsunamiand the EU surveillance state by Tony Bunyan

SPAIN: The obstruction, discrediting and criminalisation of groups that report torture by Yasha Maccanico

EU: Global outcry at EU ReturnsDirective - business as usual for Fortress Europeby Ben Hayes

NETHERLANDS: Immigration detention - systematic and inhumane by Katrin McGauran

UK: Coming for the Kids: Big Brother and the Pied Pipers of Surveillance by Ben Hayes and Max Rowlands

SWITZERLAND: Private spy on mission for Nestle by Dinu Gautier

EU: FOI in the EU: When is a documentnot a document? by Tony Bunyan

EU: Proposal to amend the Regulation on access to EU documents speech by Steve Peers to the European Parliament on behalf of Statewatch, 2 June 2008

ITALY: Institutionalising discrimination by Yasha Maccanico

vol 18 no 1 | pdf

EU: The surveillance of travel where everyone is a suspect

Viewpoint: "White man's burden": criminalising free speech by Ben Hayes

State power beyond the law: the transatlantic fight against human rights

Italy: Manslaughter trial for officers in Aldrovandi death

The issue also contains numerous shorter pieces organised thematically: civil liberties; security & intelligence; immigration; law; policing; prisons; military; and racism & fascism.

2007 2006
vol 17 no 3/4 | pdf
vol 17 no 2 | pdf
vol 17 no 1 | pdf
vol 16 no 5/6 | pdf
vol 16 no 3/4 | pdf
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vol 16 no 1 | pdf
2005 2004
vol 15 no 6 | pdf
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2003 2002
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2001 2000
vol 11 no 6 | pdf
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1999 1998
vol 9 no 6 | pdf
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vol 7 no 6 | pdf
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