Vol 5(5): September-October 1995


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Sweden: Algerian "suspect" held
UK: Betrayal by consensus
UK: No family rights
Spain: Ceuta: Kurds on hunger strike
France: New immigration measures
France: Romany child shot dead
Turkish Kurds in Germany and Austria
EU: Fortress Europe
Poland: Following EU lead on entry
Germany: Restricting right to protest
Germany: Young refugees forcibly x-rayed
Germany: Sudanese refugees resist deportation
Netherlands: Privacy and data banks
Europe: Euro-Clipper Chip Scheme Proposed
UK: Gay ban in the military to be reviewed
EU: Limit placed on background deals
EU: Data protection undermined
EU: Council of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers
EU: Other decisions
EU: Recent cases at the ECJ
EU: ECHR roundup
UK: Travellers win right to humane consideration
UK: Defendants' Information Service
UK: CPS failings exposed
UK: Corrective “training"
Spain: Trial by jury comes of age
Netherlands: New drug policy spelt out
Northern Ireland: Parole delay unlawful
Switzerland: Montgomery memorandum cast shadow over Swiss neutrality
Netherlands: Police: digital motorway surveillance
Netherlands: Van Traa Commission opens
UK: Police ordered to protect veal exporters
UK: Police contempt
UK: Met police intelligence
UK: Public order revamp
Sweden: Call to extend tapping
UK: Anti-BNP demonstrators jailed
Austria: Nazis charged for letter bombs
Denmark: Lauk to be extradited
Belgium: Diksmuide: Police and feuding spoil nazi rally
Bulgaria: Amnesty condemns ill-treatment of Roma
Spain: CESID document on the `Urigoitia' case
Spain: CESID restructured
Spain: Civil Guard: kidnapping, torture and assassinations
Spain: GAL investigation goes to Supreme Court
Netherlands: CP infiltrated
France: DGSE attacks on Greenpeace


Gibraltar and Beyond
TURF WAR: Phase Two. MI5 and police carve out new roles
Schengen: Common visa list
EU: Complaints by football fans rejected

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