Statewatch News online: Archive for year 1999

"Secret Europe": Commission proposal for a regulation on public access to documents (full text plus earlier draft leaked to Statewatch: draft regulation on public access to documents being discussed by the European Commission would introduce new ban on openness Secret Europe updated 22.2.00
EU secrecy proposals: background and full-texts documents Coverage up to November 1999, for latest news see "Secret Europe" above. "The Dinosaurs are on the march again: "Brussels stitch-up" threatens right of access to EU documents

The EU's transparent bid for opacity by Jacob Soderman

Council Decision (20.12.93) on public access to EU documents

Commision's original proposal for legislation to replaced the 1993 Decision

EU-FBI telecommunications surveillance system: draft proposals to extend system to the Internet and satellite phones
EU-FBI telecommunications surveillance system: origin and background

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