Tables, figures and abbreviations and acronyms


Table 1: Comparison of the main proposed changes to the 2008 Returns Directive

Table 2: Average expenditure per deportee by most to least expensive destination, 2009-18

Table 3: Planned development of the standing corps

Table 4: Irregular Migration Management Application (IRMA) – purposes of datasets

Table 5: Restraints used in selected Frontex joint return operations, 2016-18


Figure 1: Entry bans in the Schengen Information System, 2013-18

Figure 2: Principal EU member states conducting deportations with Frontex assistance and principal destination countries

Figure 3: Individuals deported via JROs, 2007-18

Figure 4: Individuals deported via CROs, 2014-18

Figure 5: Individuals deported via NROs, 2016-18

Figure 6: Average expenditure per deportation flight, 2009-18

Figure 7: Average expenditure per deportee, 2009-18

Figure 8: Frontex-coordinated deportations to Afghanistan, 2016-18

Figure 9: Frontex-coordinated forced removal operations, 2007-18

Figure 10: Frontex budgets for returns, 2009-27

Figure 11: The enforcement of return orders in the EU, 2009-18

Figure 12: The structure of the European Centre for Returns

Figure 13: A slide from a Frontex training presentation on the different phases of a forced removal operation

Figure 14: Escorts per deportee (Austria, 2014-18)

Figure 15: Escorts per deportee (Germany, 2014-18)

Figure 16: Escorts per deportee (France, 2014-18)

Figure 17: Escorts per deportee (Belgium, 2014-18)

Figure 18: Escorts per deportee (Hungary, 2014-18)

Figure 19: Escorts per deportee (Sweden, 2014-18)

Figure 20: Monitoring of expulsion operations, 2010-18

Figure 21: The process of setting up a Frontex-coordinated removal operation

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