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Chris Jones, Jane Kilpatrick, Mariana Gkliati


The authors wish to thank Frances Webber, Yasha Maccanico, and all those who provided information for and assistance with the report.

This report was produced as part of the project ‘EU justice and home affairs agencies: transparency, accountability and fundamental rights’, funded by the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE).

Sources for figures and tables

The original source for all data used in the tables and figures in this report is Frontex (either through open sources or access to documents requests), although that data has been compiled by Statewatch, apart from: Figure 1: eu-Lisa; Figure 9: Eurostat/Frontex; Table 1: Statewatch based on European Commission proposal; Table 3: Regulation 2019/1896, Annex I; Table 4: Council of the EU.

Image credits

Gilet Noirs, p.3,

'No to the outrageous Directive!' flyer, p.10,

Warsaw Spire, p.17,,_

Fabrice Leggeri and Dimitris Avramopoulos, p.30,

Uses of restraint, p.47, Frontex

Published by Statewatch, August 2020

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