What's New on the Statewatch website - archive: 2002

December 2002

EU issues updated list of "terrorist organisations and persons": Report

EU:Press release from Justice and Home Affairs Council, 19 December 2002: News in brief

EU's operational plan for 2003: Report

EU: European Ombudsman publishes guide on how Ombudsman can help citizens: News in brief

European Ombudsman publishes guide on how Ombudsman can help citizens: News in brief

Exclusive: EU: All refugee status to be temporary and terminated as soon as possible: Report & analysis

Denmark: Border checks for people "suspected of intending to carry out disturbances": Report

Updated 9.12.02: EU-USA: Proposed exchange of personal data between Europol and USA evades EU data protection rights and protections: Special report

Statewatch bulletin, vol 12 no 5: Contents

UK: Parliament scrutiny committee savages EU arrest warrant proposals: Report

European Commission Communication on "Integrating migration issues in the EU's relations with third countries": Report

European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) report on Greece: Report

UK: Report on the operation in 2001 of the Terrorism Act 2000. It shows that 131 people were arrested under the Act in the year February-February 2001-2002, of these only 41 were charged and of those charged only 19 were under the Terrorism Act: News in brief

UK parliament Research Paper on: Communications data: access and retention: News in brief

November 2002

Speech by Sivanandan, Director of the Institute of Race Relations, "The contours of global racism": Text of talk

EU: “safe and dignified”, voluntary or “forced” repatriation to “safe” third countries: Statewatch report and analysis

EU-USA: Proposed exchange of personal data between Europol and USA evades EU data protection rights and protections: Special report

New version of the EU Action Plan on combatting terrorism: Observatory on freedom and democracy

Making up the rules: Interception versus privacy from buro jansen & janssen: Report

Institute of Race Relations launches "IRR news network": Report

Switzerland: Voters narrowly reject asylum curbs: Report

USA: Text of Homeland Security Act of 2002: Text (link)

Italy: 19 activists arrested for "subversive association": Report

Four leading NGOs submit report to the Convention on the future of the EU calling for effective and transparent judicial, parliamentary and public scrutiny and human rights protections to be put in place to safeguard freedoms and liberties: News online

UK: Extradition Bill, implementing the European arrest warrant published: Full-text

Future sub-lethal, incapacitating and paralysing technologies, by Dr Steve Wright, Director of the Omega Foundation: Report

UNHCR: Swiss referendum on total rejection of refugees: Report

UK: Police arrests, stop and search figures for England and Wales (2001). The statistics show that 740,700 people were stopped and searched, 13% were arrested (but no figures given for the number convicted). This means that 644,409 people were stopped and searched and were not arrested: Report (large pdf, 535k)

The UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has published a report on "Private Military Companies": Text (a very large pdf file 3MB)

October 2002

UK: police stop and search figures: News in brief

UNHCR: Swiss referendum on total rejection of refugees: Report

EU issues updated list of "terrorist organisations and persons": Report

France: PLSI: draft law on internal security - the "age of suspicion": Report

UK: European Scrutiny Committee produces report on the role of national parliaments in the EU: Report  Statewatch's evidence before the Committee

No charges against Swedish Young Left donation to PLFP: Report

Update: Mystery document appears on EU Council register: Report

Germany proposes EU-wide police force: News in brief

USA: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) launches campaign to keep the country "safe and free" from surveillance and snooping: News in brief

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission - Annual Report 2002: Press release Full: Report (link)

Australian telecommunications interception figures: News in brief

Campaign and petition launched to defend Professor Sison: Report

 EU seeking readmission (repatriation) agreements with 11 countries: Report

 USA: Memo Reveals FBI National Security Wiretap Violations: News in brief

European Commission publishes Communication on a "Community return policy on illegal residents, 14.10.2002, COM(2002) 564 final: Full text (pdf) Statewatch analysis of Green Paper

EU Ministers declare applicant countries "safe" to send back asylum-seekers: Report

 Mystery document appears on EU Council register: Report

 Schengen website launched in USA for visitors to get visas: News in brief

European Commission: Update of the "Scoreboard" covering the so-called area of "freedom, security and justice", January-June 2002: News in brief

"Secrecy and Openness in the European Union" by Tony Bunyan - a new case study from freedominfo.org: Press release

 European Ombudsman calls on Commission to clarify data protection rules: Report

 EU condemned for failing to stand up to US on International Criminal Court: Report

 French Ligue des droits de l´Homme criticises Persichetti extradition: Report

September 2002

 EU: UK setting up "Mobile Detection Unit" for external border controls: "cutting-edge technology" includes "heart beat detectors" to find migrants: Report

The challenge to the listing of the PKK as a terrorist group by the Council is summarised in the Official Journals, no: C 233/32 (pdf) plus challenge by the Kurdistan National Congress also to the Court of Justice: Case

Since its launch in 1995 the Statewatch website has had 529,968 user sessions and 2,212,832 "hits" (September 2002). Over the year, September 2001 - August 2002, there have been 273,873 user sessions with 1,080,300 "hits".

Final Declaration of the 7th meeting of Ministers responsible for migration affairs, Helsinki, 16-17 September 2002 (Council of Europe): News in brief

Danish EU Presidency to investigate role of officials: Report

 France to extradite Italian exiles: Report

USA: "The National Security Strategy of the United States of America": News in brief

"Arbitrary" EU anti-terrorist laws tested by Swedish Young Left: Report

 Greek Roma Bring Police Brutality Claim to European Court of Human Rights: ERRC press release

 "Databasing the DNA of innocent people - why it offers problems not solutions", Liberty response to Court of Appeal judgment and the views of Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys: Liberty

European Conference of Data Protection Commissioners opposes proposed EU Framework Decision on data retention: statement

Informal EU Justice and Home Affairs Council, 13-14 September 2002 (revised 18.9.02)

EU rubber stamps work in progress  - more cooperation with US; fast-track expulsion of migrants from the EU:
Statewatch analysis
and documentation

"Anti-terrorism & human rights", Statement from the Basque Observatory of Human Rights: Statement

Informal Meeting of the Ministers in the area of Justice and Home Affairs, 13-14 September 2002

press release (html) and five background/discussion papers: No. 1: "A common understanding of refugee protection", No. 2: "Integration of third country nationals", No.3: "Future Repatriation/Return Programme", "No. 4: Letter from Danish Immigration & European Affairs Minister Bertel Haarder", No. 5: "Schengen, enlargement, drugs, EU-US co-operation in fighting terrorism" (all pdf files)

EU to set up border police force:Full EU report (pdf)

Statewatch analysis no 14: Immigration and asylum in the EU after 11 September 2001: Analysis

The “war on freedom and democracy”: a 5,000 word analysis of the effects on civil liberties and democratic culture in the EU by Statewatch editor,Tony Bunyan: Analysis

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) publish assessment:11 September 2001 11 September 2002 - The Internet on probation: Report (pdf)

Amnesty International report: "Rights Denied: the UK's response to 11 September 2001: Report

Secret EU-US agreement being negotiated: Special Statewatch Report

Secret agreement on criminal matters, investigative procedures and joint teams being negotiated without the the European or national parliaments being consulted. Statewatch refused access to full-text of document because: “the interest of protecting the Council’s objectives outweighs the interest in “democratic control”"

Amnesty International calls for the rejection of US demand for immunity from the ICC: AI

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and Privacy International today released the fifth annual Privacy and Human Rights survey. The report reviews the state of privacy in over fifty countries around the world: News in brief

August 2002

Denmark - statement by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) on police bugging journalist's conversation and court case: IFJ

Canada: Canadian government "consultation" paper on data retention and access to e-mails etc plus article: "Will Canada's ISPs become spies?": News in brief

USA: Trials of US ID card: News in brief

USA: Text of ruling by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court limiting the powers of the Justice Department: Ruling plus article by James Bamford commenting on the ruling, "It found that the Justice Department wanted to use the U.S.A. Patriot Act improperly": James Bamford (thanks to cryptome)

UK activates "voluntary" scheme to collect personal data on passengers pending further consultation: Report

EU Presidency issues statement on data retention: - statement does nothing to refute the existence of a draft Framework Decision: Report

EU/Italy: Warning on the new e-commerce EU Directive from ALCEI Electronic Fronteirs Italy: News in brief

UK: "Terrorising rights - Privacy, Open Society & the Challenge of September 11th. A one-day public conference organised by Privacy International & the Electronic Privacy Information Center. Friday 6th September 2002: News in brief

USA: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) analysis of the surveillance provisions in the Patriot Act:News in brief

UK: Statutory instrument introducing a "state of emergency" coming into force on 13 November 2001 and still in force:News in brief

EU surveillance of communications: data retention to be "compulsory" for 12-24 months - draft Framework Decision leaked to Statewatch - revised 21.8.02 with press coverage: Special report

Spain: Police raid migrant occupation: Report

Norwegian expelled from Schengen for five years: Report

UK court acquits 11 September "scapegoat": Report

Denial of visas to Conference participants - Press Release from War Resisters International (11.8.02): Press release

Report from Wall Street Journal on resistance by German companies for information on employees in the search for terrorists and "profiling": News in brief

COINTELPRO is an acronym for the FBI's domestic "counterintelligence programs" to neutralize political dissidents. Although covert operations have been employed throughout FBI history, the formal COINTELPRO's of 1956-1971 were broadly targeted against radical political organizations - the investigation by Senator Church into their operations: News in brief

Statewatch Observatory on EU Freedom of Information - Case Law: Observatory contains summaries and links to the full-text of court decisions on access to EU documents (updated: 5 August 2002)

UK: Home Office publishes Codes on "Covert Surveillance" and "Covert Human Intelligence Sources": Report

UK: Information Commissioner challenges legal basis of data retention. The Information Commissioner has released a legal opinion questioning the legality of the data retention provision of the Terrorism Act 2001. The opinion found that becuase the information can be obtained for other purposes besides national security, it violates the Human Rights Act: News in brief

July 2002

UK: Special Immigration Appeals Commission says anti-terrorist law is unlawful: Report

UK: Joint Committee on Human Rights, 20th Report on the "Draft Extradition Bill" (link)

"Terror, security and the media" by Martin Bright (Observer): describes how unofficial MI5 and MI6 press officers brief journalists: "MI5 then uses the reports of its own briefings as independent corroboration of the need for internment": Report

Expelling migrants from the EU: Fast-track legislation and sham consultation - new plans being rushed through pose a huge risk of violation of fundamental human rights: Special Statewatch report and analysis

"Secret Europe": Denied EU document reveals issues of public interest: Report

- document refused on grounds it concerned the "campaign against terrorism" contains further far-reaching proposals on surveillance, particularly of immigrants, including: "preventive information gathering"

News in brief: i) UK House of Commons Defence Committee report on "Defence and security in the UK" post 11 September and ii) U.S. Releases New Anti-Money Laundering Strategy

Privacy, open society and the challenge of 11 September: A one-day public conference organised by Privacy International & the Electronic Privacy Information Center: Report

Adopted text of Directive 2002/58/EC concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the telecommunications sector: News in brief

EU Presidency proposal on security screening of all immigrants: Statewatch analysis

Genoa 19/21 July 2001: One year on
The first report of the: "
International Inquiry Committee for the protection of basic human rights in the face of globalisation into events in Genoa"

USA: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) criticises TIPs informant plan: ACLU

UK: White Paper: "Justice for All": News in brief

Report that 1 in 24 US citizens are to be recruited as informants under the Terrorism Information and Prevention System, or TIPS, means the US would have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany through the infamous Stasi secret police: Link

Statewatch Observatory on EU asylum and immigration: the EU summit (European Council) in Seville adopted far-reaching EU policies regarding illegal immigration, with potential huge impact on human rights, asylum-seekers and developing countries - updated

UK & Identity Cards: Privacy International: Advice on responding to the government's consultation paper: Advice and Answers to FAQs

European Ombudsman's Annual Report: Report  Sections on Statewatch's cases: Statewatch (pdf)

International Federation of Journalists Report Confirms Fear for Journalism After September 11: Report

Police to provide the "news" during Danish EU Presidency: Report

UK: new nuclear police force planned: Report

UK: Government demands that airlines collect personal data on every passenger: UK takes the lead in EU on meeting USA demand that every passenger is security vetted before being allowed to get on a plane thorugh "pre-boarding intervention" to exclude "inadmissibles": Report

European Ombudsman: EU Commission secrecy around Transatlantic Business Dialogue is "Maladministration": Report

UK: Government wants to introduce compulsory ID cards: Report

Spanish Prime Minister Aznar questioned on Spanish border incident: Report

EU Framework Decision on combating terrorism comes into force: Report

Rome Statute on the International Criminal Court comes into effect on 1 July: ICC (Amnesty)

June 2002

Danish Presidency programme for justice and home affairs: Details

26 July 2000 - the day of the infamous "Solana Decision" - how did Mr Solana reply to a letter he had not received? Report

UK government publishes "Extradition Bill": Report

Free movement of families of Union citizens: Commission pursues infringement proceedings against Spain: Press release

Statewatch Observatory on EU Freedom of Information - Case Law: Observatory contains summaries and links to the full-text of court decisions on access to EU documents (updated: 27 June 2002)

Case in European Court of Human Rights to determine right to protect sources: Report

CJFE, RSF raise press-freedom concerns as G8 Summit nears: Report

Netherlands: Judge orders Indymedia to remove internet links: Report

Seville European Council: 21 and 22 June 2002: (revised 24.6.02)
Presidency Conclusions (in full, 42 pages, pdf)
Asylum and immigration Report and text

European Commission: Green Paper on a "Community return policy on illegal immigrants": News in brief

EU amends lists of terrorist organisations: Report

European Court of Human Rights finds Bulgaria in breach of European human rights standards in police abuse case: Report

Full-text of the revised (dated 18.6.02) proposed EU Directive on asylum procedures: News in brief

UK government forced to delay new surveillance powers: government withdraws order to extend powers to 1,039 public authorities; Chief Surveillance Commissioner admits: "I clearly cannot carry out any meaningful oversight of so many bodies without assistance": Report

Statewatch complaints against the Council on access to documents goes before the European Parliament: Report

Statewatch new "Observatory on EU asylum and immigration": the EU summit (European Council) in Seville is due to adopt far-reaching EU policies regarding illegal immigration, with potential huge impact on human rights, asylum-seekers and developing countries: Observatory

Special Statewatch analysis on the state of policing in Northern Ireland, the role of the Special Branch and of British army intelligence agencies like the Force Research Unit (FRU, now renamed the Joint Support Group, JSG): Report

EU governments' proposal redefining who is a "refugee" (full-text): News in brief

EU to adopt "security" guidelines to combat protests: Report

May 2002

Europol document confirms that the EU plans a "common EU law enforcement viewpoint on data retention": Report

EU surveillance of telecommunications: The vote in the European Parliament to accept data retention and surveillance by the law enforcement agencies: Report & Analysis

Northern Ireland: Critique of Ombudsman’s report on Plastic Bullets - Pat Finucane Centre: Report

European Parliament caves in on data retention: Report

The "unholy alliance" of the PSE/socialist group and the PPE/conservative group - who together have a large majority in the parliament - today, 30 May, joined forces with the Spanish Presidency of the EU and voted to accept the demands of EU governments and law enforcement agencies to place telecommunications under surveillance. The rapporteur (M Cappato), the ELDR (Liberals), Green/EFA group and the GUE (United Left) voted against.

Amnesty International Annual Report 2002 contains detailed reports on all European countries including their reactions to 11 September as regards civil liberties: European country reports & Full Annual Report

New Statewatch bulletin published: Contents

European Parliament to cave in on data retention: Report
- PSE/socialist group and the EPP/conservative group and accept the demands of EU governments and law enforcement agencies to place telecommunication under surveillance
- PSE Socialist group tries to defend backing governments and law enforcement agencies demands

"On this issue no "compromise" is possible. Either MEPs vote in favour of maintaining the existing 1997 Directive which only allows traffic and location data to be kept for billing purposes (ie: for the benefit of the customers) or they vote in favour of data being retained so that EU law enforcement agencies (police, customs, immigration and internal security agencies) can get access to it.

To be told by the two largest groups in the European Parliament, the PSE and PPE, that the inclusion of references to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and EC Community law makes the EU governments' demand for data retention and the surveillance of telecommunications acceptable is sheer nonsense. The ECHR and Community law automatically apply to all EU Directives and therefore reference to them is simply "window-dressing" " (Statewatch)

Responses by civil society groups to Ms. Paciotti (PSE MEP, socialist group) letter of 28 May 2002: Responses by civil society groups

Surveillance in the USA - interesting article from Village Voice: News in brief

EU surveillance of communications: UK European Scrutiny Committee - a letter from the Minister: Report

European Parliament to cave in on data retention?
- the PSE/socialist group have joined the EPP/conservative group and accepted the demands of EU governments and law enforcement agencies to place communications under surveillance: Report

Swedish TextTV 27/5 2002: Great Britain rules EU list of terrorist groups: Report

UK arrests and detentions under terrorism laws: Report

Coalition asks European Parliament to vote against data retention: Report

Latest version of EU Action Plan on terrorism: (14.5.02): Statewatch Observatory on freedom and democracy

EU: European Commission Communication to the Convention on the future of the EU: Link

EU proposal on European arrest warrant: Swedish parliament votes in favour - update 23.5.02

European Parliament committee chair tries to reach a "deal" with the Council on the surveillance of communications: Report

EU wants identification system for users of prepaid telephone cards: Link

"Fortress Europe - Stage 2": EU Border Police proposed: Report

Exclusive: EU governments are secretly drafting a binding Framework Decision to introduce the universal surveillance of telecommunications: Report

- European Parliament faces crucial vote on 29 May to reject the governments' demands on the retention of data and access by the law enforcement agencies

UK: Final draft of code of practice on interception under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA): News in brief

EU adds the PKK to list of terrorist organisations (updated 4.5.02): Report

EU to adopt arbitrary powers to freeze assets and seize evidence: Special Statewatch report

- freezing of evidence: "will not depend on there being any particular suspect, indeed the investigation maybe be at an early stage with no particular offence established" (UK Home Office Minister)

German railway company sues Dutch websites over protest instructions: Report

EU documents reveal details of its demands for so-called "opening up" of Third World markets: News in brief

April 2002

EU: Text agreed by the Council of the European Union on the Directive laying down minimum standards for the reception of applicants for asylum in Member States: News in brief

EU: Green Paper from the European Commission on "alternative dispute resolution in civil and commercial matters": News in brief

UK: Summary of Home Office "consultation" in the autumn of 2000 on the draft code of practice on the interception of communications under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA): News in brief

European Commission proposal for a Framework Decision on cybercrime, including cyber-terrorism: News in brief

The war against terrorism is boosting the European far-Right - special report from the Institute of Race Relations: Report

EU surveillance of telecommunications: Mystery of the missing minutes which surface nearly a year late: Report

Surveillance of telecommunications in the EU: narrow vote in European Parliament on data retention: Report

EU General Affairs Council, 15 April 2002 (Luxembourg): Illegal immigration:Council conclusions: Report

EU Presidency defies EU Treaties, ECJ case law and Council Legal Service to put the case for private security: Report

The latest version of the EU's "Action Plan against terrorism" (roadmap) dated 9 April is available on Statewatch's Observatory on freedom and democracy: Observatory

Amnesty International report:people held in US custody in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay: AI report (pdf)
Irish government not consulted on European arrest warrant proposal: Report
UK: Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill - full text and Explanatory Note: News in brief
UK government report on "Privacy and data sharing" (11.4.02): News in brief
Switzerland to join Schengen: Report
Report from the Chinese Republic on "Human rights record of the United States 2001: News in brief
Nigerian deported from Ireland in coma: Report

UK: New visa regime to match that of the USA: Report
UK "Warnings Index": "lists people with adverse immigration histories or who are of other interest to the Government. Every visa applicant is checked against this database"

USA puts three Swedish citizens on UN terrorist list: Report

Schengen Information System (SIS II) takes ominous shape: Report
- SIS set to become the EU's "Big Brother" database
- EU security and intelligence agencies to have access to all SIS data

Statewatch bulletin: Creation of a Northern "axis"?  Details
- EU-US to establish common area on asylum and exclusion of "inadmissibles"
- EU-US to exchange Europol strategic analysis and personal data
- EU-US to have mutual assistance agreement covering criminal and judicial matters

Underneath the well-reported apparent disagreements between the United States and the EU (and a number of its governments) over tactics in the "war against terrorism" (for example, extending the "war" to Iraq) a much deeper change is taking shape.

UK Home Office Circular (no 13 /2002, date of Issue: 26 March 2002, implementation 1.4.02) on deaths in police custody or following police contact: News in brief

The Statewatch SEMDOC site on justice and home affairs in the EU has been updated, see What's New: Semdoc together a complete update of SEMDOC's Legislative Observatory. To subscribe to SEMDOC: click here

March 2002

Statewatch: Comments on the Commission's White Paper on Governance: Report

Scathing attack on migrants conditions and detention in Canary Islands: Report

UK: Police threaten Mayday web hosts: Report

USA: EPIC FOIA Request Seeks Homeland Security Documents on biometric identity documents: News in brief

Europol to be given access to the S.I.S., then custody? Europol to be allowed to amend and add to records on the Schengen Information System: Report

26 July 2000 - the day of the infamous "Solana Decision" - the Solana/Robertson exchange of letters: Report

Five Belgian police officers sent to trial over death of asylum seeker Semira Adamu: Report

Observatory contains summaries and links to the full-text of court decisions on access to EU documents: Statewatch Observatory on EU Freedom of Information - Case Law

The latest version of the EU's "Action Plan against terrorism" (roadmap) dated 5 March is available in Englih and French on Statewatch's Observatory on freedom and democracy: Observatory

UK: 1995 and 1996 Conventions on Extradition come into effect: Report

Speech by Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on counter-terrorism and human rights: Speech

EU decisions on terrorism and European arrest warrant: strong parliamentary objections in Sweden: Report

Spain: State agencies put protestors under extensive internet surveillance: Report

UK: Home Office consultation document on changes in stop and search procedures: Stop and search

European Ombudsman publishes code on administrative behaviour: Report

Report from US "Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press": "Homefront Confidential: How the war on terrorism affects access to information and the public's right to know": News in brief

Latest version of the EU's Action Plan on Terrorism: Observatory

Council of the European Union disagrees on giving access to the public of positions taken by EU governments: Report

Belgian investigation into ECHELON: News in brief

Commission dodges democratic control of Europol: Report

EU negotiating secret agreement with US on judicial cooperation in criminal matters: Report

Gothenburg police to be charged with "neglect of duty"?: Report

US: Report on "Homeland security": report (cryptome)

Germany: NATO security conference protests quashed by police: Report

The UK and Romania have set up a joint intelligence unit in Bucharest to "fight illegal migration", background interview with Romanian Minister of the Interior: Interview

UK opts out of agreement to early implementation of European arrest warrant: Report

UK: Home Guidance for police and public on sections of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, including fingerprinting and obligation of public to pass on information: News in brief

February 2002

Indymedia centres raided across Italy - updated 28.2.02: Report

"European Union Action following the attacks on the US": Latest version of the Action Plan (15.2.02): Observatory in defence of freedom and democracy

Statewatch critique of Commission report on asylum and "safeguarding internal security" post 11 September, which:

- displays a flagrant disregard for basic human rights obligations
- suggests solutions that are not coherent
- and would apply to situations wholly unrelated to terrorism:

Text of European arrest warrant: Report

New Statewatch analysis report covering the US Bush letter to the EU of 16.10.01 with analysis and details of a secret meeting on asylum and border controls: Observatory

Anarchists to be targeted as "terrorists" alongside Al Qaeda: Report

EU Presidency present draft Council Decision to target protestors as "terrorists": Report

Indymedia centres raided across Italy (Wednesday, 20 February): Report

UK Big Brother Awards by Privacy International, London 4 March 2002: PI

Denmark: Hard times for asylum seekers and refugees: Report

UK: Two "terrorist" suspects, held for months in prison, freed by the court for lack of evidence: Report

Six EU governments agree early implementation of European arrest warrant: Report

European Commission proposal (COM(2002) 71 final, 11.2.02) for a Council Directive to give short-term residence package to asylum-seekers who "cooperate with the competent authorities" by giving information on "illegal immigration or trafficking in human beings": News in brief

Doubts on EU Presidency proposal to target protestors as "terrorists": Report

Secret US-EU meeting on asylum: the construction of a common EU-US area of migration, asylum and borders? Report

ETSI (European Technical Standards Institute) "Telecommunications security: Lawful Interception (LI); Requirements of Law Enforcement Agencies", see: News in brief

Moroccan G8 protestor expelled from Italy - and after protests allowed back: Report

UK government White Paper on so-called: "Safe Borders: Safe Havens: Integration with diversity in Modern Britain: News in brief (pdf)

European Parliament supports EU definition of terrorism and European arrest warrant: Report

Belgium, found guilty of mass expulsion of Roma: European Roma Rights Center (ERRC) welcomes Landmark Decision by Strasbourg Court: Report

Graham Watson MEP questions Council over adoption of a different definition of terrorism under the written procedure Decisions on 27 December 2001: News in brief

Amsterdam police raid linked to ETA - and "Eurojust": Report (updated)

UK European Scrutiny Committee issues critical report on European arrest warrant: Observatory

Police and human rights training manual produced by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva - provides interesting yardsticks for police forces and their deployment outside the EU: News in brief

New report from Statewatch: "The activities and development of Europol - towards an unaccountable "FBI" in Europe: Europol

European Commission Consultation Paper: "Procedural safeguards for suspects and defendants in criminal proceedings: News in brief

January 2002

"Common criteria to be applied to arms exports": document finally released to Heidi Hautala MEP after five year court battle: Report

Telephone-tapping and mail-opening warrants for 2000 in Britain, plus full figures for 1937-2000 (compiled by Statewatch): Report

EU data protection working party calls for a balanced response to terrorism: Report

The Statewatch Observatory in defence of freedom and democracy after 11 September has been reorganised: national reactions in the EU, US, Canada and Australia are grouped together: Reactions and commentaries, reports and articles are under: Commentaries All EU proposals and measures are given full-text in the Statewatch EU documentation centre and a link is now provided to text on measures in Germany and the EU in German from CILIP in Berlin.

The Statewatch SEMDOC site on justice and home affairs in the EU has been updated, see What's New: Semdoc it includes: the Spanish Presidency programme, the "Trevi acquis", implementation of "Eurodac" (fingerprinting of asylum-seekers and refugees) and a complete update of SEMDOC's Legislative Observatory. To subscribe to SEMDOC: click here

Italy: Moroccan G8 protestor expelled: Report

New chair for European Parliament's Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights: Report

Spanish Presidency of the EU (January-June 2002): Programme

US government vetoes Statewatch access to EU-US agendas: Report
- Council of European Union says it has no choice but to back US veto
- Refusal of access follows two successful complaints to the European Ombudsman
- Decision would exclude from access any document on international policy vetoed by third parties

New EU Regulation on access to documents: Report
- the first major problem is going to be what will, and what not, be on the public registers of documents
- the second will be the exclusion of "internal documents"
- the third will be the right of "third parties" (like the US) to veto access to EU documents

All refugees and asylum-seekers to be vetted under new EU terrorism policy:
* All refugees to be vetted for any connection with "terrorism" * Four measures by-pass any democratic accountability
* Application of measures not legally accountable * Measures adopted by "written procedure"

Statewatch report (9.1.02)