What's New on the Statewatch website - archive: 2000

Spain/Italy: sign agreement to pioneer a "common area of security and justice": Agreement

New 22 December 2000 version of the Council of Europe cyber crime Convention: Cyber

What happened to "ENFOPOL"? eufbi

New draft (dated 18.12.00) of Council's common position leaves the incoming Swedish Presidency with a difficult job: New draft

EU: Access to documents: Chair of EP Committee attacks Council's draft common position: Watson letter

Observatory on access to EU documents: the new code: updated 2.1.01: Observatory

EU: Charter of Fundamental Rights: full-text: Charter

"Solana Two Decision" extends to justice and home affairs: Statewatch News online

Statewatch searchable database updated: Search database

Treaty of Nice: link to full-text and sections on justice and home affairs: NICE

Global "policing" role for the EU: feature on how the "non-military crisis management" will contaminate justice and home affairs, trade and aid: Statewatch News online

UK: Plan to keep records of all telecommunications (phone calls, e-mails and internet activity) for minum of seven years: Surveillance plan

Survey shows which EU governments back openness, which do not (29.11.00): Statewatch News

Statewatch News online: "Solana Decision" back on the agenda (28.11.00)

European Parliament "has ignored civil society" plus full-text of the report adopted: EP

European Parliament committee investigating Echelon meets in secret: Echelon

Sweden: Security services study undermined: news story and the full-text of a 23,000 word report: Sweden (21.11.00)

UK House of Commons Select Committee on European Scrutiny report on access to EU documents: Report ("Secret Europe" page: 21.11.00)

European Federation of Journalists publishes "Essays for an Open Europe", which argue that civil society needs to join in the debate on access to EU documents: Essays

European Parliament adopt report on access to EU documents - but what happened to citizens' rights?: EP vote, where now?

European Parliament to vote on report on access to documents on Thursday: Full list of amendments, voting list and analysis: EP vote

 European Parliament report on access to EU documents in need of radical amendment: Report, critique and full text documents: Statewatch News online

New Statewatch bulletin, current issue, vol 10 no 5, out this week: Contents

Statewatch News online: UK security laws an "international disgrace" says report from human rights groups (8.11.00)

Statewatch News online: The background document to the "Solana Decision" released; Statewatch application for document splits the Council of the European Union 8 votes to 7 (7.11.00)

Statewatch News online: The Finnish government has decided to back the Netherlands case against the Council of the European Union over the "Solana Decision" (4.11.00)

(Statewatch European Documentation Centre on justice and home affairs) SEMDOC's "Legislative Observatory on justice and home affairs", updated 2.11.00 (username and password required: How to get access): SEMDOC

Statewatch News online: Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the EU (CCBE) calls for the EU to accede to the European Convention on Human Rights (2.11.00)

Statewatch's "Observatory" on the new code of access to EU documents: report adopted by the Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights going forward to be agreed by the plenary session of the European Parliament on 15 November and Statewatch's proposed amendments to it: Observatory (1.11.00)

Statewatch News online: EU: An Area of Expulsion, Carrier Sanctions and Criminalisation (27.10.00)

Statewatch "Secret Europe" Observatory on new code of access to EU documents: adopted reports added from the Budgetary Control Committee and the Constitutional Affairs Committee: Observatory (24.10.00)

Statewatch News online: EU Council offers "compromise" to EP to try and stop court case (23.10.00)

Statewatch News online: Policing reform in Northern Ireland: Control or Consent? (22.10.00)

Statewatch News online: European Parliament formally decides to take the Council of the European Union to court over the "Solana Decision" (20.10.00)

Statewatch News online: Analysis of the Commission proposal and the Council's draft position shows that both want more secrecy and less access to documents than at present (19.10.00)

 Statewatch News online: News in brief: Civil society groups oppose Council of Europe Convention on Cyber Crime (18.10.00)

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