Basic decisions

Bibliographic records (OJ 2000 L 239)
- Schengen acquis as defined by Council (except for secret parts of acquis) in Decision 1999/435/EC of 20 May 1999

Common consular instructions (OJ 2002 C 313/1) 
- Consolidated text of Schengen Common Consular Instructions (CCI)

Common border manual (OJ 2002 C 313/97) 
- Consolidated text of Schengen Common Border Manual

Decision on definition of acquis (OJ 1999 L 176/1)
- Council Decision 1999/435/EC on definition of acquis; corrected by Council Decision 2000/645/EC, which corrects Schengen Executive Committee Decision SCH/Com-ex (94) 15 rev.: OJ 2000 L 272/24

Decision on allocation of acquis (OJ 1999 L 176/17)
- Council Decision 1999/436/EC determining EC/EU legal basis for provisions of Schengen acquis

Schengen acquis (Council version, 1999)
- The full Schengen acquis as integrated into the European Union

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Allocation of acquis

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02 November 2009

Definition of acquis

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