European arrest warrant

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Proposal from Commission (COM (2001) 522, 19 Sep. 2001; OJ 2001 C 332 E/305)
Background replaces Council of Europe measures, EU extradition conventions and Schengen extradition rules between Member States
EP committee Watson report approved following meeting of 12 Nov. 2001 (A5-0397/2001); Watson report for EP reconsultation approved by committee, 8 Jan. 2002, with no amendments to Council text (A5-0003/2002)
EP plenary approved with amendents, 29 Nov. 2001 (OJ 2002 C 153 E/276); on agenda for reconsultation in plenary without committee vote, 17 Dec. 2001; delayed by objections from some MEPs; vote in favour after reconsultation, 6 Feb. 2002 (OJ 2002 C 284 E/193)
Council 20 Sep. 2001 JHA Council stated intention to reach essential political agreement at 6/7 Dec. 2001 JHA Council; 21 Sep. 2001 and 19 Oct. 2001 European Councils endorsed same position; discussion on scope of abolition of double criminality and powers of judiciary in executing state at 16 Oct. 2001 JHA Council; discussed at 16 Nov. 2001 JHA Council; discussed at 6/7 Dec. 2001 JHA Council but not agreed; political agreement 11 Dec. 2001; adopted as ‘A’ point by 13 June 2002 JHA Council: Framework Decision 2002/584/JHA
Implementation deadline 31 Dec. 2003 (Art. 34(1)); see also statements by Member States (OJ 2002 L 190/19)
Implementation reports COM (2005) 63, 23 Feb. 2005; see also report on Italy: COM (2006) 8, 24 Jan. 2006


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