Appendix 1: Useful addresses and websites

Council of the European Union

To apply for Council documents write to:

The General Secretariat,
The Council,
The European Union,
175, rue de la Loi,
B-1048 Bruxelles,

To search the Council of the European Union: Register of documents

European Commission

For information on how to obtain access to Commission documents write to:

The Secretariat-General of the European Commission,
Unit SG/C/2 "Europe and the Citizen 1",
N-9, 2/11,
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200,
B-1049 Bruxelles,

e-mail request to:

To search the European Commission: Public register of documents

European Parliament

Requests for documents may be submitted : by e-mail to : or
by normal mail to :

European Parliament,
Service Registre,
L-2929 Luxembourg.

To search the European Parliament: Public register of documents


PO Box 1516,
London N16 0EW,

tel: 00 44 208 802 1882 (international) 0208 802 1882 (UK)
fax: 00 44 208 880 1727 (international) 0208 880 1727 (UK)

Statewatch maintains four "Observatories" on access to EU documents:

Freedom of Information in the EU: Statewatch site with all the background news and documents on access to documents plus a new Observatory on case law

Statewatch Observatory on EU Freedom of Information - Case Law
: Observatory contains summaries and links to the full-text of court decisions on access to EU documents

Secret Europe: Full background documentation and analysis on access to EU documents, openness & secrecy in the EU. Including "Essays for an Open Europe" and the ongoing Call for an Open Europe

Observatory on adoption of the new Regulation on access to EU documents: Statewatch Observatory on the adoption of the new Regulation on access to EU documents: all the documentation from the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament and the European Commission leading to the new Regulation on citizens' access to EU documents