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European Rights Network

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The JUSTICIA Network endeavours to strengthen the domestic impact of the work of its network member organisations in the area of EU justice. This multi-faceted approach will equip partner organisations more effectively, enabling them to promote the observance of EU standards on procedural rights and the rights of victims of crime, and to contribute to an all rights-based progressive reform, whilst strengthening their existing working relationships with their European counterparts.

Founded on the shared principle that EU standards cannot be effectively promoted through a single-country focus, and that such promotion requires advocate cooperation, the JUSTICIA network consists of 12 network member organisations at present:

Statewatch's main role in the network is to gather, organise and publish source documentation on legislative measures in the two areas of law covered by the JUSTICIA project: victims' rights and procedural rights. The intention is to make transparent the legislative procedures and negotiations leading to each measure, as well as to provide context and analysis. You can see the results of our work on the JUSTICIA website:

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