Cases involving the use of "CRASBOs"

A CRASBO is an addition to a criminal sentence and is considered separately from the criminal part of proceedings.

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The term is somewhat erroneous because, like all ASBOs, they are civil orders. There is no formal application process, so usually the Crown Prosecution Service requests the court to impose the order. It will come into effect on the day it is made, although it is possible for the court to suspend the prohibitions in the order until the offender is released from custody. This would mean the order only runs from that point. "CRASBOs" are effectively a double punishment, based on the assumption that the individual will re-offend, and therefore undermine the prison service's role as a rehabilitative institution.

Craig Gorringe - Given a five year ASBO, on top of a three month prison setence, banning him from areas of the town in which he lives and from being drunk in public (October 2009)

Gary Dutt - A 45-year-old given an order on conviction that was applied for by his housing body (August 2009)

Ricky John Green - Having been jailed for eight months in December 2008, Green is now banned from entering the town of Portishead upon his release. This is an obvious example of how orders are used by local authorities and police to displace individuals they have deemed undesirable to other parts of the country (March 2009)

Steven Moffat - "Criminal" ASBOs are still being made against individuals - this case being a recent example - but the circumstances of such cases are often unexceptional and therefore do not receive a great deal of publicity (January 2009)

Shane Holmes - A 22-year-old "noisy neighbour" given an ASBO on top of a noise abatement order. Police raided his house and seized all noise making equipment including his stereo, CD and DCD players (September 2006)

David William Lee Stokoe - A 37-year-old roofer who conned an 81-year-old woman out of £3,000 given an order on conviction banning him from cold calling or contracting maintenance, bulding or gardening work in England and Wales for five years (July 2006)

James Bowes - A 46-year-old 'cowboy builder' who charged hundreds of pounds for week he did not do given an order restricting the terms under which his business can operate (July 2006)

Patrick Nevin - A 48-year-old persistent hare-courser given the first order of its kind prohibiting him from 'entering the county of Cambridgeshire with lurcher dogs, from coming to Cambridgeshire with others in possession of lurcher dogs and from trespassing on any land in Cambridgeshire with any kind of dog for three years' (July 2005)

Anthony Flynn - A 31-year-old shoplifter jailed for two years and given a three year order on his release banning him from all premises which are members of the Wycombe Shop Watch and from remaining on any premises after having been asked to leave (July 2005)

Darren Napier - A 27-year-old with a prolific history of stealing from parked cars jailed for eight weeks and given an order which, upon his release, prohibits him from entering any public or private car park. His lawyer pointed out that "surely it's the fact he thieves from motor vehicles that's the concern, rather than where he carries out these crimes...if he steals from a car parked in a car park, he will breach his ASBO and be sent to prison. But if he steals from a car parked in the High Street, he will face no extra penalty (June 2005)

Kenneth Addison - A 75-year-old, of no fixed abode, jailed for five and a half weeks and, on his release, will be subject to an indefinite order banning him from Kidderminster's Brinton Park and from spitting, swearing, committing lewd acts in public and being drunk in a public place (June 2005)

Darren Gudgeon - A 34-year-old drug addict who stole to maintain his habit was jailed for three years and handed an order banning him from all shops in Enfield and from entering any shop in England and Wales with his girlfriend for seven years upon his release. One might argue that banning a man from shops in one London borough is more likely to displace any future crime than prevent them (April 2005)

David Flaherty - A 40-year-old builder, jailed for three and a half years for deception and theft, served an order on conviction which, upon his release, bans him from self-employment in the building industry, advertising his services or actively seeking money from people for building work (January 2005)

John Warren - A man sentenced to four and a half years in prison for a series of burglaries was served an order on conviction banning him from entering hotel or guest house premises anywhere in Greater London for a period of ten years (August 2004)

John Cash - A conman convicted at Harrow Crown Court has been served an ASBO which orders him "not to call at any residential premises (by way of doorbell, knocking or phone call) without the prior permission of an occupier" (July 2004)

Terence Westran - A Scottish 16-year-old convicted of assault and currently serving a year in a detention centre, has been banned from setting foot in any part of Manchester for 10 years upon his release (January 2004)

Wesley Mayo - A 19-year-old banned from entering his own home on his release from prison (May 2003)

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