11 May 2023

Detention of children: European Court of Human Rights rules against France 11 times

On 4 May 2023, the European Court of Human Rights delivered three rulings concerning the confinement of families with children in administrative detention centres (CRA). These rulings concern seven children, aged between seven months and thirteen years, who were locked up in 2020 and 2021 at the Mesnil-Amelot and Metz detention centres.

11 May 2023

Tracking the Pact: Detention of children and families for the asylum "border procedure"

The Council of the EU wants to simplify the detention of families and children for the purposes of processing asylum applications at the borders.

10 May 2023

UK: Joint civil society solidarity statement on the Illegal Migration Bill

Alongside 174 other organisations, we condemn the Illegal Migration Bill and call on all parliamentarians to reject it. The Bill faces its second reading in the House of Lords today.

04 May 2023

Tracking the Pact: Latest Council documents on Asylum and Migration Management Regulation and Eurodac

Discussions are ongoing on the Pact, with member states debating how to deal with the European Parliament's position on Eurodac and discussions ongoing within the Council on the Asylum and Migration Management Regulation. Documents published here provide an insight into the issues under discussion.

04 May 2023

Council against compensation for recipients of SLAPPs

A forthcoming EU law will seek to prevent the use of "strategic lawsuits against public participation" (SLAPPs) to harass, intimidate and silence NGOs, journalists and critical voices. The European Commission describes SLAPPs as "a particularly harmful form of harassment and intimidation used against those involved in protecting the public interest." The latest Council compromise version of the Directive removes the right for those subjected to a SLAPP to receive compensation.

02 May 2023

French government steps up repression after bloody battle of Sainte-Soline

In the aftermath of the heavy repression of activists protesting against the construction of industrial water storage basins in France on 25 March, two protesters are still in critical condition in hospital. Meanwhile, interior minister Gérald Darmanin announced heavy measures to be taken against the organisers of the mass demonstration in Sainte-Soline and even threatened to take steps against a renowned human rights organisation.

02 May 2023

Sweden promotes “innovative approaches” for deploying deportation officials abroad

The Swedish authorities are aiming to increase collaboration on deportation through rapid police deployments in targeted countries for assignments "lasting from a few days up to three months."

01 May 2023

Spyware "culture of impunity" must be countered

Joint submission to the United Nations Global Digital Compact on targeted surveillance.

28 April 2023

USA border plan requires “continuous and systematic” transfers of biometric data

Last year, it was revealed that the USA planned to launch Enhanced Border Security Partnerships (EBSPs) with other states around the world, seemingly targeting the EU, UK and Israel first. These would involve “continuous and systematic” transfers of biometric data to the USA for the purposes of immigration and asylum vetting, says a recent Council of the EU document obtained by Statewatch.

24 April 2023

Frontex to spend hundreds of millions of euros on surveillance and deportations

Frontex will spend hundreds of millions of euros on border surveillance and contracts for deportation flights this year, as well as €3 million on storing weapons and ammunition, according to a plan approved by the agency’s management board in mid-February.

19 April 2023

"Going dark": will the next assault on privacy take place behind closed doors?

The Swedish Presidency of the Council proposed to create a High-Level Expert group on data retention to strike a new "balance" between the right to privacy and the right to security, according to two documents published by Statewatch. Member state feedback has been enthusiastic. The aim is to change the rhetoric on surveillance to facilitate the adoption of new rules. The expert group format of discussion and the participation of civil society are still to be decided, with the Commission and the Council likely to co-chair.

17 April 2023

Joint Statement: Tunisia is neither a safe country of origin nor a place of safety for those rescued at sea

We, the undersigned organisations, issue this statement to remind once again that Tunisia is neither a safe country of origin nor a safe third country. Therefore, it cannot be considered as a place of safety for people rescued at sea.

06 April 2023

EU: Tracking the Pact: Council reports on externalisation efforts in Iraq and Nigeria

Two documents obtained by Statewatch assess the state of implementation of the Migration Action Plans approved by the European Council for Iraq and Nigeria. There is little or no attention or funding devoted to establishing legal migration pathways, with the focus instead on continued externalisation of border controls and deportations.

04 April 2023

Conference at University of Hamburg cancelled after intelligence agency intervention

Press release published by AStA of the University of Hamburg and Network for an Alternative Quest on 3 April, following the revoking of permission for a conference at the University of Hamburg following the intervention of the Hamburg domestic intelligence agency (Büro für Verfassungsschutz Hamburg).

03 April 2023

Tracking the Pact: Member state comments on the Asylum and Migration Management Regulation and Asylum Procedure Regulation

Member states are discussing a substantially redrafted version of the Asylum and Migration Management Regulation, and a new compromise version of the Asylum Procedure Regulation.

29 March 2023

EU plan for international border data-sharing system “should not proceed”

The European Commission’s plan for a “security-related information sharing system between frontline officers in the EU and key partner countries” should be scrapped, says a paper signed by 10 organisations, including Statewatch, who warn that it may aid political repression and underpin human rights violations.

29 March 2023

EU-USA cooperation on biometric data, breaking encryption, radicalisation

The minutes of the recent EU-US Senior Officials Meeting on Justice and Home Affairs, held in Stockholm on 16 and 17 March, demonstrate cooperation on a vast range of topics - including a "proof of concept" of the "Enhanced Border Security Partnership" involving the transatlantic sharing of biometric data, the need to "reinforce law enforcement’s legitimacy to investigate" in debates around breaking telecoms encryption, and US "concerns on radicalisation among police forces."

27 March 2023

Netherlands liable for human rights violations in Greek refugee camps

Press released issued by Boat Refugee Foundation on 20 March 2023.

23 March 2023

EU: Member states ponder blanket police surveillance of ferry, rail and bus passengers

Legislation is incoming to step up surveillance of air travel, and the possibility of extending the scheme to ferry journeys has been raised in the Council. The Presidency is concerned about delaying the air passenger surveillance plans but has set out options for maritime transport, whilst proposing the Commission launch a study on the surveillance of international bus and coach travel.

22 March 2023

Border externalisation needs “whole-of-government approach” says Swedish Presidency

The Swedish Council Presidency has reiterated the longstanding call for “a true whole-of-government approach and sustained engagement” at all levels to implement EU plans to externalise migration and border control, in a document setting out plans to follow up on European Council conclusions agreed in February.


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