31 January 2020

Solidarity Statement: Freedom for Hamza Haddi and Mohamed Haddar

The European Union must stop the arbitrary incarceration of refugees and migrants

29 January 2020

UK: Migration committee rejects full points-based system for UK

The government's proposal for "an Australian points-based system" for immigration has received a lukewarm reception from the Migration Advisory Committee.

29 January 2020

UK: Court of Appeal upholds the right to roam of Romany and Travellers

A significant judgment from the UK Court of Appeal upholds the rights of Romany and Traveller communities to maintain their way of life.

29 January 2020

800 migrants detained in Spain in poor conditions, says NGO

"More than 800 Tunisian migrants have been detained in the Spanish enclave of Melilla for more than 5 months, Tunesian NGO Ftdes claims."

29 January 2020

UK: Met Police could deploy facial recognition against protesters

Civil liberties campaigners warn that the facial recognition technology being deployed by London's Metropolitan Police could easily be turned against protesters, and there are significant concerns that, however it is used, the technology will have a far worse impact on ethnic minorities.

29 January 2020

EASO operations in Greece to expand significantly

A new agreement has been signed between Greece and the European Asylum Support Office.

28 January 2020

Statewatch Analysis: Italy guilty of refoulements in 2009 handover of Eritrean shipwreck survivors to Libya

An Italian court has ruled that the country’s Cabinet presidency and defence ministry were responsible for the refoulement of 14 Eritrean nationals in July 2009, when a warship rescued some 80 people and took them back to Libya, ignoring requests for international protection.

28 January 2020

France: Death of a ten-year-old child in Roissy: another victim of European migration policies?

Statement originally published by by Anafé (Association Nationale d'Assistance aux Frontières pour les étrangers) on 8 January 2020.

28 January 2020

About the plan to create a reception centre in Bir El Fatnassiya for asylum seekers who flee the degradation of the security situation in Libya

Statement originally published by the Forum Tunisien pour les Droits Economiques et Sociaux on 7 January 2020.

28 January 2020

More than 150 migrants rescued by Open Arms, 400 others to disembark in Italy

"The humanitarian rescue vessel Open Arms picked up 158 migrants in two rescue operations off the coast of Libya overnight. Since Thursday, three NGO ships have rescued nearly 640 people. Over 400 migrants on board the Ocean Viking will be allowed to disembark in Taranto, Italy."

28 January 2020

EU gearing up for even more anti-crime measures

The EU's new home affairs commissioner appears to be enthusiastic for new internal security proposals.

28 January 2020

France: When “Anti-Populism” Makes the Far Right Mainstream

An article examining the fascist and far-right continuities in the Front National, despite claims by the party (and media commentators) that it has become more 'mainstream'.

28 January 2020

The EU is funding dystopian Artificial Intelligence projects

"Discussions on the negative impact of Artificial Intelligence in society include horror stories plucked from either China’s high-tech surveillance state and its use of the controversial social credit system, or from the US and its use of recidivism algorithms and predictive policing."

27 January 2020

Eritrean asylum seekers hold protest in Slovenia over asylum process, rejected applications

"A group of Eritrean asylum seekers have held a protest in Slovenia against asylum request procedures, which the community sees as unfair. They also demonstrated against the rejection of five asylum claims filed by Eritreans."

27 January 2020

Italy: Emilia-Romagna: Hard right fails to seize leftist stronghold

"Italy's hard-right League leader Matteo Salvini has failed to overturn decades of left-wing rule in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna in an election that brought relief to the embattled centre-left."

27 January 2020

Priti Patel’s plan to tackle radicalised youth is so flawed it’s mad, says study

When it comes to dealing with 'radicalisation', the Home Office appears to be ignoring findings from research that it has funded.

27 January 2020

Germany: Over 500 right-wing extremists suspected in Bundeswehr

Some 550 cases of right-wing extremism in the German military are under investigation.

27 January 2020

Historic UN Human Rights case opens door to climate change asylum claims

In a case concerning an asylum application in New Zealand by a man from Kiribati, the UN Human Rights Committee has ruled that "countries may not deport individuals who face climate change-induced conditions that violate the right to life."

27 January 2020

Brexit: The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act: what does it do?

A brief overview of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act.

23 January 2020

Italy: Giving names to victims — deaths in Italian deportation centres

An article by Are You Syrious looking at the 29 deaths in Italian migrant detention centres since 1998, following the death of Vakhtang Enukidze on 18 January.


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