EU: Council of the European Union: Asylum Procedures & ECRIS-TCN

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Council of the European Union: Asylum Procedures & ECRIS-TCN
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ASYLUM Proposal: Regulation stablishing a common procedure for international protection in the Union and repealing Directive 2013/32/EU (LIMITE doc no: 12128-17, pdf): 106 Detailed Footnotes with Member State positions:

"Suggested modifications are indicated as follows: - new text compared to the Commission proposal is in bold; - deleted text is in strikethrough."

ECRIS-TCN: PRoposal for a: Regulation... to supplement and support the European criminal records information system (ECRIS-TCN system) and amending Regulation (EU) No. 1077/2011 - Questions on prior convictions and on access by certain agencies (LIMITE doc no: 12033-27, pdf):

"Inclusion of prior convictions is essential for the ECRIS-TCN system to be effective as early as possible following the entry into force of the Regulation. Unless prior convictions are included in the ECRIS-TCN system, the system will only become useful several years after establishment of the system (...)

It must be noted, however, that ECRIS-TCN system will not achieve its full potential if only alphanumeric data of prior convictions would be included in the new system. As discussions have shown, central ECRIS-TCN system can only be efficient if fingerprint data complements the alphanumeric data of convicted TCN.

However, during the negotiations at the Working Party level, several Member States mentioned that the inclusion of the fingerprint data could create a substantial administrative burden for them. In most Member States, the fingerprint data is not part of the criminal records database and is stored separately in other databases."

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