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Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe
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Death at the Serbian-Hungarian border and demonstrations in detention centers (Migszol update from Hungary, May 25 - June 9) (, link):

"We urge all other European Union member states to immediately stop all Dublin deportations to Hungary. In addition, we urge all member states to stop the deportation of people who already have a refugee status in Hungary, but are now seeking to stay in other EU countries." [emphasis in original]

UNHCR Daily Report (11-12.6.16): 108 refugees arrived in Lesvos over the weekend

Thousands of Minor Refugees Stranded Alone in Greece (IPS, link):

"Closure of the Western Balkans route has trapped tens of thousands of refugees heading to Central and Northern Europe in Greece, including many unaccompanied minors who either escaped from war zones after having lost their relatives, or were sent ahead in hopes of helping their families follow afterwards.

While the Western Balkans corridor remained open, many minors opted to declare they were adults or register as relatives of other refugees transiting the country to avoid being put in protective custody and reception facilities.

According to a May 31 report by Save the Children, more than 1.2 million refugees have headed to Europe since 2015 – the continent’s “biggest wave of mass migration since the aftermath of the second world war.” They come mainly from conflict-torn countries like Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea."

Italy: Over 250 migrants arrive at Porto Empedocle, some 1,000 coming - 1,230 rescued yesterday, body found (ANSA, link):

"PALERMO, JUNE 13 - Some 257 migrants are expected to arrive in Porto Empedocle on Monday morning. They were rescued at sea over the last few hours by the Dignity Ship of Doctors Without Borders. Overall, 1,230 people were rescued in the Strait of Sicily, and one body was found, in nine operations yesterday."

and see: More than 3,000 migrants rescued at sea in 72 hours, says Italian coast guard - Italy's coast guard has confirmed that the number of migrants rescued in the past three days has reached more than 3,000. (DW, link)

News (13.6.16)

Amnesty says Spain asylum system 'obsolete (WB, link): "Amnesty International called Tuesday on Spain to reform an asylum system it labelled "inefficient, obsolete and discriminatory", blasting the "embarrassing" low number of refugees that have been taken in.After interviewing more than 80 asylum seekers and refugees and visiting several reception centres, the rights group concluded these faced big -- often years-long -- waits for their cases to be dealt with, coupled with inadequate financial aid that forced some onto the streets."

Police start evacuating migrant camps in northern Greece (, link): "Greek Police officers on Monday started evacuating a scattering of makeshift camps for migrants around the area of Polykastro in northern Greece. Around 300 officers were taking part in the operation to relocate a total of around 4,000 migrants from the makeshift camps into state-run facilities." and Makeshift refugee camps in northern Greece evacuated (, link)

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