Refugee crisis: State of Play reports: 10 February 2016 11.2.16


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 Refugee crisis: European Commission "State of Play" reports: 10 February 2016


Implementing the European Agenda on Migration: Progress on Priority Actions (Press release, pdf):

"In view of next week's European Council, the Commission is today reporting on the implementation of the priority actions under the European Agenda for Migration and highlighting key areas where immediate action is needed to restore control."

Managing the Refugee Crisis: Commission reports on implementation of EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan (pdf):

"First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said: "I...We will continue to work jointly with our Turkish partners to fully implement the joint action plan so we can deliver on the commitments taken to bring order into migratory flows.. "

Implementing the Common European Asylum System: Commission acts on 9 infringement proceedings (Press release, pdf)

"The European Commission today decided to issue reasoned opinions against Member States in 9 infringement cases concerning their non-transposition of the Common European Asylum System. The decisions concern Germany (2 cases), Estonia, Slovenia (2 cases), Greece, France, Italy and Latvia."

State of Play of Implementation of the Priority Actions under the European Agenda on Migration: COM 85-2016 (pdf)

Commission arguing today that Turkey is a 'safe third country' so Greece & other MS should send refugees back

"Safe third countries

The Asylum Procedures Directive provides Member States with the possibility not to examine the substance of an asylum claim where, due to a sufficient connection with a "safe third country", the applicant can instead seek protection there. Where the conditions are met, this provision allows Member States to close the asylum procedure and to return the asylum applicant to the safe third country in question. However, at this stage, not all Member States foresee the application of this possibility in their national laws, or they do so under restrictive conditions. All Member States are therefore encouraged to foresee in their national legislation the notion of safe third countries and to apply it when the conditions are met.

In this context, the Commission underlines that the concept of safe third country as defined in the Asylum Procedures Directive requires that the possibility exists to receive protection in accordance with the Geneva Convention, but does not require that the safe third country has ratified that Convention without geographical reservation. Moreover, as regards the question whether there is a connection with the third country in question, and whether it is therefore reasonable for the applicant to go to that country, it can also be taken into account whether the applicant has transited through the safe third country in question, or whether the third country is geographically close to the country of origin of the applicant." [emphasis added]

- Commission: Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION establishing the position to be taken on behalf of the European Union within the Joint Readmission Committee on a Decision of the Joint Readmission Committee on implementing arrangements for the application of Articles 4 and 6 of the Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Turkey on the readmission of persons residing without authorisation as of 1 June 2016 (pdf) and ANNEX 1 (pdf)

Annex 1: EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan - Implementation Report (pdf)

Annex 2: Greece - State of Play Report (pdf)

Annex 3 - Italy - State of Play (pdf)

Annex 4: Relocation (pdf)

Annex 5: Follow up to Western Balkans Leaders' Meeting - State of Play report (pdf)

Annex 7: Pledges(pdf)

Annex 8: Implementation of EU law - State of Play (pdf)

Implementing the European Agenda on Migration: Commission reports on progress in Greece, Italy and the Western Balkans (Press Release, pdf)

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