Euskadi/Spain: Illegalisation of lists for May municipal elections

Critical article that analyses the frenzied judicial activity leading to the illegalisation of a number of electoral lists of Acción Nacionalista Vasca (ANV) and Abertzale Sozialisten Batasuna-Eusko Abertzale Ekintza (ASB), preventing them from running in the municipal and regional elections held on 27 May 2007.

The ASB candidature was illegalised as a whole, as it was considered to have been born under the auspices of Batasuna (illegalised by the Ley de Partidos), whereas over half (133 out of 246) of the electoral lists of ANV-EAE were deemed to have been "contaminated" or "infiltrated" by Batasuna members after in-depth scrutiny of whether lists featured people involved in any of its different electoral brands used in the past, even when the party was legal. The analysis of the judicial process of illegalisation argues that the decisions "have a low legal quality… are inspired by political considerations… and contravene the right of active suffrage", depriving Basques the to vote for an option that is deep-rooted in society.

EHwatch: Candidatures declared illegal in the Basque Country, May 2007; available at:
Ilegalización de candidaturas electorales en Euskal Herria (Spanish)
Candidatures declared illegal in the Basque Country (English)

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