New edition European Address Book Against Racism - searchable CDrom version

Check on the UNITED site whether also your organisation is already included - if not, provide your data.

See UNITED's list of 7,182 documented refugee deaths through Fortress Europe (pdf)

Update your data for the new Addressbook Against Racism CDrom 2006 - check your own organisations' entry online !

Please return the internet questionnaire at as soon as possible, preferably before 25 June, to give us, at the secretariat, time to also update or include your details.

Dear friends and colleagues,

UNITED is producing a new CDrom version of the Addressbook Against Racism (*), containing better search functions and more information, to be distributed Europe-wide later this year. It would be beneficial to have also your data correct and up to date! The CDRom database will contain also 5 lines (preferably in English) selfdescription on your aims and activities - please provide us with your recent text!

(You can check part of your own organisations' present entry in the online version (just updated, now 4000 entries!) of the UNITED Addressbook Against Racism. , search for your organisation's name or address - your organisation should also have received a print of your present details by post)

Please return the internet questionnaire as soon as possible, preferably before 25 June, to give us, at the secretariat, time to also update your details.

Thanks for your help !

Best wishes
Geert Ates

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PS we would appreciate to receive (by normal post) some of your recent publications for the UNITED archive at the International Institute of Social History All languages welcome!

* The Addressbook lists organisations, based in Europe, that are ACTIVELY involved in issues such as:
- anti-nationalism
- anti-racism
- anti-fascism
- anti-discrimination
- minority rights
- migrants' and refugee rights
- intercultural (youth) action
UNITED reserves the right to make a selection.