Spain: January-February 2006 statistics from the Oficina de asilo y refugio (Asylum and Refuge Office)

Statistics released by the Spanish Oficina de asilo y refugio detail figures concerning asylum applications in the first two months of 2006. The overall figures show a decrease compared to the same period in 2005 (down from 801 to 662) and are divided by country, provinces in which the applications were filed, and whether the applications were filed in embassies abroad, border points or on Spanish territory.

The three leading nationalities of asylum seekers were Colombia (109), Nigeria (55) and Algeria (43); the provinces in which the largest numbers of applications were filed were Madrid (323), the Spanish north African enclaves of Ceuta (101) and Melilla (70), Barcelona (31) and Las Palmas (30) in the Canary islands; a large majority of the asylum requests were made on the national territory (485), while 151 were made at border points and 26 in embassies.

Data concerning preliminary decisions made regarding these applications show that slightly more than half will not be considered (382), while 326 have been admitted to the asylum adjucation procedure. Figures about proposed decisions and appeals against denials from 2005 are also included, indicating that there is a large majority of denials, with around 10% qualifying for Geneva Convention refugee status or subsidiary protection.

Source: Boletín de asilo, n.64, mes de febrero 2006, Oficina de asilo y refugio (pdf)

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