"Many of those that will be questioned will be Muslims"

At his monthly press conference the Prime Minister, Mr Blair, denied that the current anti-terrorism legislation was aimed at Muslims. "This particular form of terrorism that we are dealing with is based on what I think the vast majority of Muslims would accept is a perversion of the true faith of Islam," he said.

"Therefore, necessarily and obviously, many of those that will be questioned will be Muslims, but that is not in any shape or form a disrespect to the vast majority of the Muslim population here who contribute an immense amount to our country."

Sources - the targeting of the Muslim community

1. Comment article in Guardian, 1.4.04: Aliens in their own country (link)

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3. Home Office figures on the use of the Terrorism Act 2000 which show that 544 people have been arrested of whom 98 have been charged with offences - no figures for convictions are given: Home Office figures. These figures differ from those cited by BBC Newsnight on 31.3.04 which quoted the Home Office as saying that since 11 September 2001 a total of 548 people had been arrested, 91 charged and only 15 convicted.

4. See also: Statewatch study: UK: Anti-terrorist stop & searches target Muslim communities: Report and analysis

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