Annex 1, letter sent by Iberia to Arturo Quirantes,  18 June 2.003
(for privacy reasons, some data have been hidden)




Name QUIRANTES              Card number <empty field>
Address                                   <empty field>   Name printed on the Card <empty field>
City <empty field>   Card name <empty field>
State <empty field>   Card Type x
Zip Code <empty field>   Issuing entity <empty field>
Country <empty field>   First year <empty field>
E-mail address xxxx@xxx.xx    Nb of pts used <empty field>
Age Range <empty field>   Nb of pts left <empty field>
Gender <empty field>   Nb of pts usable <empty field>
Income Range <empty field>   Nb of basic pts <empty field>
Household Member Count <empty field>   Nb of cancelled pts <empty field>
Marital Status <empty field>   Total of pts <empty field>
Employment Status <empty field>   Year 1 <empty field>
Occupation <empty field>   Points of year 1 <empty field>
Education Level <empty field>   Year 2 <empty field>
Business phone <empty field>   Points of year 2 <empty field>
Home phone <empty field>   Year 3 <empty field>
Want Messages x   Points of year 3 <empty field>
Invalid E-Mail Address x   Year 4 <empty field>
Date of Last Login xx/x/03   Points of year 4 <empty field>
Average Days Between Login   x   Pdf file name 1 <empty field>
Number of Login Times x   Pdf file name 2 <empty field>
Last Modified Time <empty field>   Pdf file name 3 <empty field>
Employee Nomber <empty field>   To update the IB+ system x
IATA number <empty field>   To pre-fill in the profile by the retrieved
IB+ data
Office ID <empty field>   Want more info on Iberia PLU ? <empty field>
Queuing Office ID <empty field>   Name you want on the card <empty field>
Client ID <empty field>   State <empty field>
Cost Center 1 <empty field>   Complementary payment Street number <empty field>
Cost Center 2 <empty field>   Complementary address <empty field>
Cost Center 3 <empty field>   Invoicing address <empty field>
Cost Center 4 <empty field>   Invoicing address 2 <empty field>
Remarks 1 <empty field>   Invoicing address - Street number <empty field>
Remarks 2 <empty field>   Invoicing address - City <empty field>
Remarks 3 <empty field>   Invoicing address - State <empty field>
Title x   Invoicing address - Zip <empty field>
First Name ARTURO   Invoicing address - Country <empty field>
Middle Initial <empty field>   Invoicing CIF number <empty field>
Last Name <empty field>   Delivery address 1 <empty field>
Passenger Type <empty field>   Delivery address 2 <empty field>
Date of Birth        <empty field>   Profession <empty field>
Preferred Currency      <empty field>   Contact Name <empty field>
Use Euro <empty field>   Company <empty field>
Favorite Destination <empty field>   Company type <empty field>
Home Airport <empty field>   CIF number <empty field>
Fax number <empty field>   Position <empty field>
Mobile Number <empty field>   Street name <empty field>
Pager Number <empty field>   Street number <empty field>
Email 2 <empty field>   Postal code <empty field>
Email 3 <empty field>   City <empty field>
Emergency Contact <empty field>   Complementary stree number <empty field>
Air Smoking Preference <empty field>   Complementary address <empty field>
Preferred Air Seat Type <empty field>   State (country non USA or Spain) <empty field>
Preferred Air Class x   Province code <empty field>
Preferred Air Meal Type <empty field>   Country code <empty field>
Preferred Hotel Category <empty field>   Telephone number <empty field>
Hotels Per Page <empty field>   Fax number <empty field>
Preferred Hotel Bed <empty field>   Email <empty field>
Hotel Smoking Preference <empty field>   Travel Agency you work with <empty field>
Preferred Distance Units <empty field>   Do you travel primarily for business,
leisure or both ?
<empty field>
Delivery Type <empty field>   Special Request <empty field>
Account Reference <empty field>   IATA code of the destination city <empty field>
Mail Service <empty field>   IATA code of the departure city <empty field>
Queuing Office <empty field>   IATA code of the destination country <empty field>
Memo Type <empty field>   IATA code of the departure country <empty field>
Document Type <empty field>   One world Preferred airlines 1 <empty field>
Document Number <empty field>   One world Preferred airlines 2 <empty field>
Company <empty field>   One world Preferred airlines 3 <empty field>
Name <empty field>   Preferred Car Class <empty field>
Address 1 <empty field>   Preferred Car Type <empty field>
Address 2 <empty field>   Preferred Car Transmission <empty field>
Postal Code <empty field>   Preferred Car Air Conditioning <empty field>
City <empty field>   Car Wheelchair Access preference <empty field>
State <empty field>   Other meal <empty field>
Country <empty field>   Preferred newspaper <empty field>
Current Month Flights x   Other period <empty field>
Last 3 Month Flights x   Preferred payment method <empty field>
Last 6 Month Flights x   Other card 1 <empty field>
Last 12 Month Flights x   Other card 2 <empty field>
Current Month Hotels x   Other card 3 <empty field>
Last 3 Month Hotels x   Who makes your reservations ? <empty field>
Last 6 Month Hotels x   Other agent <empty field>
Last 12 Month Hotels x   Other frequent flyer programs ? <empty field>
Current Month Cars x   When do you take your vacations ? <empty field>
Last 3 Month Cars x   Do you usually buy packages ? <empty field>
Last 6 Month Cars x   Which environment do you spend your
vacations in ?
<empty field>
Last 12 Month Cars x   Favorite sports <empty field>
Current Month Bookings x   Other <empty field>
Last 3 Month Bookings x   Favorite cultural activities <empty field>
Last 6 Month Bookings x   Other activities <empty field>
Last 12 Month Bookings x   Other hobbies <empty field>
Booking Date vs Travel Date x   Date of birth of child 1 who live with you <empty field>
Late Bookings x   Date of birth of child 2 who live with you <empty field>
Early Bookings x   Date of birth of child 3 who live with you  <empty field>
Very Early Bookings x   Date of birth of child 4 who live with you  <empty field>
Kind of Booker x   If you have family in other country(ies),
indicate which one
<empty field>
Number of Sessions x   Do you travel with a companion <empty field>
Sum of all pages viewed per
booking transaction
x   Do you travel with children ? <empty field>
January Flights x   How many hours per week do you
spend using the Internet ?
<empty field>
February Flights x   How do you use the Internet ? <empty field>
March Flights x   Alert me to upgrade promotions <empty field>
April Flights x   Send me email updates and offers <empty field>
May Flights x   I would like to receive weekend
flight special alerts/vacation packages
<empty field>
June Flights x   Preferred Vacation month <empty field>
July Flights x   pref dest for vacations in Spain <empty field>
August Flights x   pref dest for vacations in Europa and
<empty field>
September Flights x   other destinations <empty field>
October Flights x   number of credit cards <empty field>
November Flights x   Type of credit card number 1 to allow
<empty field>
December Flights x   Type of credit card number 2 to allow
<empty field>
January Hotels x   Type of credit card number 3 to allow
<empty field>
February Hotels x   Number of companions <empty field>
March Hotels x   Number of beneficiaries <empty field>
April Hotels x   Does this user can see the balance ? x
May Hotels x   Mis IB.com and IB Plus profiles
synchronised ?
June Hotels x   Iberia Plus Pin Password xxxxxx
July Hotels x   Resident document type <empty field>
August Hotels x   Resident document number <empty field>
September Hotels x   Resident area x
October Hotels x   Resident municipality <empty field>
November Hotels x   Resident certificate <empty field>
December Hotels x   Home fax <empty field>
January Cars x   Home email <empty field>
February Cars x   Business mobile <empty field>
March Cars x   Company name <empty field>
April Cars x   Region <empty field>
May Cars x   Blocked account (1=blocked) <empty field>
June Cars x   Complementary address <empty field>
July Cars x   Payment Method Address - City <empty field>
August Cars x   Payment Method Address - State <empty field>
September Cars x   Payment Method Address - Zip <empty field>
October Cars x   Payment Method Address - Country    <empty field>
November Cars x   Flag <empty field>
December Cars x   PNR of the trip plan xxxxxx
Numberf of Current Month x   Description of the Trip plan xxxxxx
Pages in January x   Date of the PNR xx/xx/03
Pages in February x   1ARES Site Type use for the trip plan xxxxxx
Pages in March x   COUNTRY of the trip plan xxxxxx
Pages in April x   Trip is quicktrip or not x
Pages in May x   Old PNR of the trip plan <empty field>
Pages in June x   Number of the booked flight <empty field>
Pages in July x   IATA code of the departure city <empty field>
Pages in August x   IATA code of the destination city   <empty field>
Pages in September x   Date of departure <empty field>
Pages in October x   Cabin class for the go flight <empty field>
Pages in November x   Segment of the flight in the trip <empty field>
Pages in December x   Date of destination <empty field>
Pages in 1 Year x   RBD of the current flight <empty field>
Number of Current Month
for Pages
x   PNR of the trip plan <empty field>
Bookings in January x   Reservation ID for the Hotel <empty field>
Bookings in February x   Hotel name <empty field>
Bookings in March x   IATA code of the city <empty field>
Bookings in April x   Category of the hotel <empty field>
Bookings in May x   Hotel bed <empty field>
Bookings in June x   Smoking or not smoking room <empty field>
Bookings in July x   Rate by night <empty field>
Bookings in August x   Currency <empty field>
Bookings in September x   Date in <empty field>
Bookings in October x   Date out <empty field>
Bookings in November x   PNR of the trip plan <empty field>
Bookings in December x   Reservation ID for the car <empty field>
Bookings in 1 Year x   Car rental company <empty field>
Street number <empty field>   IATA code of the city <empty field>
Complementary Street number    <empty field>   Trip Car Class <empty field>
Complementary address <empty field>   Trip Car Type <empty field>
State (country non USA or Spain)   <empty field>   Trip car Transmission: automatic or not <empty field>
Province code <empty field>   Trip Car Air Conditioning <empty field>
Preferred telephone number xxxxxxxxx   Trip Car Wheelchair Access <empty field>
whised delivery date <empty field>   Pickup Date <empty field>
Secret question xxxxxxxxx   Dropoff Date <empty field>
Secret answer encrypted xxxxxxxxx   Price by week <empty field>
Language <empty field>   Unlimited or no <empty field>
Surname2 <empty field>   Distance type <empty field>
ID type <empty field>   Currency <empty field>
ID number <empty field>   Offer Id <empty field>
Citizenship <empty field>   Number of activations <empty field>
Sex <empty field>   Date of enjoying offer <empty field>
Married status <empty field>   Hotel order in the list <empty field>
Address to use for correspondence x   Car rental order in the list <empty field>
Alert me to update or special
x   Frequent Flyer order in the list     <empty field>
1ares traveler ID xxxxxx   Region <empty field>