Draft EU Convention: Full documentation Vols I & II and explanatory reports on amendments

The Convention on the Future of Europe has now published full documentation on the proposed Constitution (all pdf files).

1. Draft Volume I: overall provisions: Full-text (CONV 724/03)

2. NEW - Consolidated Parts I and II: Full-text (CONV 797/03)

2. Draft Volume II, Parts Two, Three and Four: Full-text (CONV 725/03)

3. Full list of legal basis for suggested procedural changes: Full-text (CONV 727/03)

4. Changes to previous versions and explanatory notes: Full-text (CONV 726/03) and Full-text (CONV 728/03)

5. NEW - Revisions to Part III: Full-text CONV 805/03

"Area of security, freedom and justice"

5. Section from Vol II on justice and home affairs: Full-text (from CONV 725/03)

6. Critique of previous draft: Joint suggested amendments to draft constitutional articles on justice and home affairs by the Standing Committee of experts on international immigration, refugee and criminal law (Utrecht, Netherlands) and Statewatch (London, UK): Standing Committee and Statewatch

7. Analysis by Tony Bunyan, Statewatch editor, of proposals being discussed by the Convention on the Future of Europe will lead to the creation of an EU Interior Ministry - the maintenance of law and order, internal security and external borders: Analysis (pdf, now with live links)

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