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1998 EU Council Conclusions on High-Level group on Immigration and Asylum
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Source: GENERAL AFFAIRS Council 5-6 December 1998, Press Release, 6/12/1998 (Press:431 Nr: 13677/98)


The Council discussed the Note of the Netherlands delegation proposing the creation of a Task Force on Asylum and Migration.

The Council took note of the discussion in the COREPER on 25 November and 2 December 1998 and at the JHA Council on 3/4 December 1998.

The Council recognised that the problem of mass influxes of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants raised the need to establish a common, integrated, cross-pillar approach targeted at the situation in the most important countries of origin of asylum seekers and migrants, and to establish to that end a High Level Working Group of the Council. The Council agreed that :

1. A High Level Working Group on Asylum and Migration comprising high level officials of each Member of the Council and of the Commission is established for the above purpose taking account of point 2 (tasks proposed by the Netherlands delegation, see Annex), of the above mentioned note.

2. After consultation of the Members of the High Level Working Group, COREPER will suggest the terms of reference and organisation of this group and submit them for approval to the Council in January 1999.

3. The High Level Working Group will submit to the Council, not later than in March 1999, and in accordance with the normal treaty procedures, a proposal for a list of countries of origin and transit of asylum seekers and migrants for which action plans for the implementation of an integrated cross-pillar approach will be prepared.

4. The High Level Working Group will submit to the Council, in accordance with the normal treaty procedures, the final results of its work in advance of the special session of the European Council in Tampere in October 1999.

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