UNHCR: Updated "3-prong" approach to "processing centres" in EU and "regions" of origin

The UNHCR have published an up-dated version of their so-called "3 prong" approach to creating "processing centres" for refugees and asylum-seekers in the EU, or probably just outside it, and in "region of origin:

UNHCR document, dated June 2003 (Word)
UNHCR document, dated June 2003 (pdf)

See Statewatch analysis: "EU buffer states and UNHCR “processing” centres and "safe havens"": Report

- 20 “neighbour” states to create new “buffer” zone
- readmission agreements unilateralist and inhumane
- UNHCR plans for "safe havens" in region of origin and "processing" centres in EU
- "immediate transfer: upon arrival anywhere within the territory of EU Member States [of].. all asylum-seekers from the designated countries of origin" [to] "closed reception centres"

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