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PRESS RELEASE, May 23, 2002, Washington, DC
Coalition asks European Parliament to vote against data retention

In an open letter sent to all Members of the European Parliament, 40 civil liberties organizations from 15 countries strongly recommended that Members vote against general data retention of communications by law enforcement authorities. The vote, scheduled for 30 May in Brussels, is critical, as it constitutes the major step before the final adoption of the new EU Telecommunications Directive. It may have serious consequences on the manner in which data retention is currently regulated in the United States and other countries around the world. Individuals are also encouraged to endorse the letter, and may do so until May 28: GILC (Global Internet Liberty Campaign): Full-text of letter

Signatories: Electronic Privacy Information Center; a.c.t.i.o.n - kooperative kulturelle Vernetzung; American Civil Liberties Union; Association "Souriez vous êtes filmés"; Association For Progressive Communications (APC); Maurice Wessling; Bits of Freedom; BlueLink Information Network; Bugbrother; Center for Democracy and Technology; Chaos Computer Club; Community Media Network; Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility; Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties; Der Große Bruder; Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz; Digital Rights; Electronic Frontier Finland; Electronic Frontier Foundation; Foundation for Information Policy Research; Free Software Foundation; GreenNet; Grüne Jugend Deutschland; Internet Freedom; Internet Society European Co-ordination Council; IRIS; Liberty; The Multiracial Activist; Nodo50, Altavoz por la Libertad de Expresión y Comunicación; Online Policy Group; Privacy International; Privacy Ukraine; Public Voice Lab; quintessenz; Samizdat; Statewatch; stop1984; Swiss Internet User Group (SIUG); StrawberryNet Foundation; VIBE!AT - Austrian Association for Internet Users; XS4ALL Internet BV.

The STOP1984 campaign has gathered more than 10,800 signatures from Internet users in 48 countries opposed to the data retention proposal now before the European Parliament: STOP 1984 campaign

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