EU-US agendas (1996-98)

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Two groups - the Senior Level Group and the EU-US Task Force - were set up as result of the signing of the New Transatlantic Agenda in Madrid on 3 December 1995. At the same time a "Joint EU-US Action Plan" was agreed on justice and home affairs issues.

What the agendas show is the level of EU-US economic, political and military cooperation on major global issues.

Access to the agenda - which contain no references to any of the documents discussed - does not mean access will be granted to any of the documents.

The meetings

EU-US Senior Level Group (SLG), date, place if given and issues discussed included:

20 September 1996: Operations Center Conference Room, Washington DC, USA
- Chemical precursors/customs agreement (EU lead)
- ILEA (US lead) (international law enforcement agencies)
- Bosnian elections (US lead)
- Cuba (EU lead)
- Iran/Libya (US lead)

22 November 1997: Dublin
- TABD (Transatlantic Business Dialogue)
- WTO meeting
- "Third Pillar and political issues": Third Pillar Initiatives (policing, customs, immigration and legal cooperation), KEDO (Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organisation), MEPP (Middle East Peace Process), Terrorism, Joint Action on Zaire, Cooperation with Turkey
- China: UN Committee on Human Rights: draft resolution
- Central and Eastern Europe and Baltics: Enlargement

28 January 1997: Operations Center Conference Room, Washington DC, USA
- WTO work plan
- dialogue on biotechnology issues
- TALD (Transatlantic Labour Dialogue)
- Joint Action on Central Europe
- Third Pillar Initiative

1 October 1997: Operations Center Conference Room, Washington DC, USA
- Bananas
- Law Enforcement Cooperation (counter-narcotics cooperation in the Caribbean and Andes, Europol/US exchanges and organised crime dialogue)
- Climate change negotiations
- Turkey/Cyprus
- Enhancing coordination of US and EU Policies towards Countries of Concern

20 November 1997: Brussels
- trade issues (implementation WTO Basic Telecoms, GMO, SRM's)
- Preparation Climate change conference
- EMU (European Monetary Union)
- Iran
- Ukraine

26 February 1998
- Global issues: Counter narcotics cooperation (including Caribbean project) and Kyoto/Climate Change
- Diplomatic cooperation including Ukraine, Turkey, China Human Rights, Southeast Europe and Caspian energy corridor

14 July 1998: Vienna
- implementation of Understandings on Iran/Libya/ILSA
- GMO's (process for approval of GMO type of products)
- Global issues: Kyoto/Buenos Aires, Law enforcement, drugs, trafficking in women

NTA Task Force

17 April 1997
- common foreign policy agenda: Bosnia/Serbia, Albania, Turkey/Cyprus, MEPP, China, Central Africa, Terrorism, Iran
- Global issues: Development cooperation, food security, third pillar cooperation, environmental issues, health task force

19 November 1997
- cooperation between law enforcement agencies, trafficking in women initiative, mutual legal assistance, Central Asia drugs, Third Pillar deliverables to the Summit

25 February 1998
- international crime/drugs (Caribbean/Central Asia)
- Readout of Environmental Bilaterals in Kyoto
- WTO: Ministerial and China Accession
- MAI (EU)
- China Human Rights
- Caspian Region Energy

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