EU: Amnesty reports on the aftermath of 11 September

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Amnesty International: Reports on the "backlash" in the aftermath of 11 September and "security and respect" for human rights in the EU

Amnesty International have issued two reports in the aftermath of 11 September. The first, issued on 4 October warns of "a backlash against Muslims and people of Middle Eastern or Asian origin or appearance in at least 10 countries. The report also highlights the first worrying indications that the "fight against terrorism" may be opportunistically used to clamp down on civil liberties and human rights.

"The horror of the attacks on September 11 should not result in other communities around the world being victimised in the name of 'fighting terrorism,' " Amnesty International said. It goes on to say: "In Europe and elsewhere, governments are rushing to the top of their political agendas laws that threaten to curb civil liberties and possibly reduce safeguards against abuses of human rights. Measures to clamp down on illegal immigrants, which threaten to undermine the rights of asylum seekers, are being debated in a number of countries." In particular, the organization is calling on governments to ensure that:

- the rights of all people are respected in the response to the attacks of 11 September;
- any new legislation passed in response to the attacks of 11 September contains provisions to respect human rights;
- the rights of asylum seekers are protected;
- all asylum-seekers have access to a fair and satisfactory asylum determination process;
- no one is returned to a country where they face serious human rights violations; and
- hate crimes are denounced and those responsible for them are brought to justice.

Read the Report: The backlash - human rights at risk throughout the world: Report

A second Amnesty report is directed at the European Union and its member state governments: Report EU

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