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Statewatch covers:

  •  Policing and Europol
  • Security and intelligence agencies
  • The Schengen acquis
  • European databases: SIS, CIS, Europol, Eurodac
  • Prisons
  • Military
  • Immigration and asylum
  •  Racism and fascism
  • Openness and secrecy in the EU
  • EU-FBI surveillance system
  • Northern Ireland
  • Civil liberties
  • The law and the European Courts
  • The Council of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in the EU

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Statewatch News Online reports on civil liberties issues. It contains news and in-depth features with links to background information. It is updated regularly, latest coverage includes:

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New pamphlet: "On Globalisation of Control: Towards an Integrated Surveillance System in Europe" by Thomas Mathiesen. Analyses EU databases, use and exchange of data and surveillance - this publication complements critiques of globalisation/globalism by looking at the potential of a "global state" Place order

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