Commentaries on the effect on civil liberties of the "war against terrorism

1. The "Observer" Sunday newspaper (2.12.01) carries to commentaries on the "war against terrorism" and the effect on civil liberties. Nick Cohen in his column "Bring out your dead: Government anti-terrorist proposals have less to do with 11 September than we are asked to believe" looks at changes in the EU and UK: Nick Cohen

2. Patricia Williams, professor of law at Columbia University in New York City writes on: "After 11 September, the US introduced laws which mirror the worst excesses of some dictatorship - This dangerous patriot's game": Patricia Williams

3. European Appeal: "Democratic rights must not become the collateral damage caused by the war against terrorism" - Press conference, Brussels, on 3 December: Details

4. Action against terrorism must not undermine human rights, say UN High Commissioner for human rights, Council of Europe and OSCE: Report

5. EU definition of "terrorism" could still embrace protests: Report

6. Report by the International Federation of Journalists on the effect of the "war on terrorism" on reporting: Report(pdf)

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