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EU anti-terrorism plans: justice and home affairs proposals

This page contains all the justice and home affairs legislative proposals in the EU's action plan on terrorism. See Statewatch analysis of these measures: Analysis no 6 (html) Analysis no 6 (pdf). It contains the latest versions of


European arrest warrant

Definition of terrorism

Freezing of assets and evidence

EU Extradition Conventions

EU Mutual Legal Assistance Convention

Protocol to EU Mutual Legal Assistance Convention

Immigration and asylum

Joint investigation teams

Hacking & computer crime

Data protection and interception of telecommunications

See Statewatch Observatory on Surveillance in Europe for developments on this issue since September 2000:
Reports & documents


Council of the European Union

Four Acts adopted by the Council of the European Union by written procedure, 27.12.01: 1) Common Position on combating terrorism; 2) Common position on the application of specific measures to combat terrorism; 3) Regulation on specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities; 4) Implementating Decision establishing the list provided for in Article 2(3) of the Council Regulation: Full-text (pdf) and the UN Security Council: Resolution 1373(2001) dated 28 December 2001 and the UN Security Council Resolution: UN Res 1373 (pdf)

EU Justice and Home Affairs Council

EU General Affairs Council

European Commission

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