Statewatch "Observatory": In defence of freedom & democracy
New laws & practices affecting civil liberties and rights after 11 September - reactions at national level

Ligue des droits de l'Homme (The Belgian League of Human Rights): "Deny terrorism a second victory"

Open letter to the French Parliament - Fifteen groups write on "Open letter" to protest at the dangers to civil liberties in proposed laws:
Open letter

Amnesty International - Europe
Amnesty International: Reports on the "backlash" in the aftermath of 11 September and "security and respect" for human rights in the EU: Reports

Report on new surveillance laws: Report
Statement by German human-rights organizations is on: Privacy statement (in German)
stop1984 is a site dealing with subjects like privacy, data protection and surveillance:
Details of proposals in Germany on the
CILIP website (in German)

Statement by the government: Text

New anti-terrorist law decree:


Useful site linking to different US departments: Site

Report from US "Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press": "Homefront Confidential: How the war on terrorism affects access to information and the public's right to know": Report (pdf)

US: Report on "Homeland security": report (cryptome)

US Freedom of information Act in peril: Guardian article

ACLU (the campaign organised by the American Civil Liberties Union)
Privacy International:
EPIC and text of US-Patriot Act of 2001: Text (from EPIC site)

"US: No longer the and of the free" (article from Le Monde diplomatique)
Analysis of US Patriot Act by the US Congressional Research Service, dated 10.12.01:
Text (pdf)

Patricia Williams, professor of law at Columbia University in New York City writes on: "After 11 September, the US introduced laws which mirror the worst excesses of some dictatorship - This dangerous patriot's game":

Freedom of Information law suspended: Report

US developing media "war" strategy in anti-terrorism campaign: Report

Article on new anti-terrorism laws:
Defence of Canada Liberty Committee
Text of the Canadian: Bill, full-text

Overall assessments from the "Enduring freedom" website (run by the FIDH, HRW and Reporters without frontiers): Latest top 15 threats to liberties: Report

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