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A selection of news articles examining the work and activities of Frontex.

29/09/2014Frontex launches call for participation of the EU Member States in Joint Operation Triton, Frontex website. See also: Concept of reinforced joint operation tackling the migratory the migratory flows towards Italy: JO EPN-Triton to better control irregular migration and contribute to SAR in the Mediterranean Sea (pdf)
14/05/2014EU border surveillance system not helping to save lives, EU Observer
24/03/2014Interview with Frontex Director Laitinen, Migrants at Sea
14/01/2013 Frontex chief looks beyond EU borders, EU Observer
11/01/2013 People Pay for Research Against Migrants, IPS News (Inter Press Services news agency)
07/12/2012 Syrian refugees 'turned back from Greek border by police', The Guardian
09/11/2012 EU Militär und Frontex: Aufrüstung der libyschen Grenzen bei Mali-Intervention ("The EU military and Frontex: arming the Libyan border for the intervention in Mali"), Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration
11/10/2012 EU border chief: 23,000 lives saved last year, EU Observer (Frontex's fundamental rights strategy)
30/08/2012 Abschieben nach BelarusJunge Welt (police and border control cooperation between Germany and Belarus)
16/07/2012 127 migrants intercepted after sighting by Frontex aircraft, Watch The Med (see also: Immigration: Bari, 127 migrants rescued by finance police) In Italian: Immigrazione: Bari; 127 migranti soccorsi da GDF, 7 ricoveri, ANSA Med (European Neighbourhood Partnership Info Centre)
15/07/2012 B4P sights a Frontex patrol aircraft, Watch The Med
11/07/2012 Dutch -Romanian collaboration in the field of return, Embassy of the Netherlands in Bucarest
07/06/2012 EU Earmarking Billions to ‘Secure’ Borders, OWNI
22/05/2012 Bulgarian resources dominate Greek border assistance, EU Observer (Frontex Poseidon operation)
21/05/2012 Seventy would-be migrants intercepted, Ekatherimini
29/04/2012 Frontex: garanzia o pericolo per i migranti? ("Frontex: guarantee or danger for migrants?"), In alto a sinistra (blog)
25.04.2012 Grenzkontrollen der Europäischen Union - Mit Hightech gegen Flüchtlinge ("EU border control - With High-Tech against refugees"), Der Tageszeitung (TAZ)
12/04/2012 Statewatch lancia un osservatorio su Frontex,, Chronache di ordinario razzismo
08/03/2012 Fewer illegal immigrants entering Greece
21/02/2012 Armenian president receives FRONTEX executive director, Tert.Am (Armenian newspaper)
09/02/2012 Israel Aerospace Industries' Heron Unmanned Aerial System was demonstrated to Frontex EU Agency, Defense Aerospace
01/2012 Heft der Flüchtlingsräte 2012 (in German). See especially: Charter der Schande (schameful charters), FRONTEX: Auf dem Weg zur „all inclusive“-Abschiebung (Frontex: the way to "all inclusive" (Frontex: the way to "all inclusive" deportation)
08/11/2011 C-295 de novo na OP HERMES (in Portuguese), Estado Maior General das Forças Armadas
29/07/2011 Active presence of Romanian border police vessels within Frontex missions, Politia de Frontiera (Romanian Border Police)
15/05/2011 “Anti-Frontex Days”: conscience and immigration, The Prisma
21/02/2011 'The Situation is Escalating': Europe's Frontex Border Guard Stretched to Limit, Der Spiegel
15/02/2011 Frontex-Einsatz vor Lampedusa: EU startet Abschottungsaktion gegen Flüchtlinge, Der Spiegel
15/02/2011 Lampedusa: Frontex à la rescousse, Euronews
Lampedusa: Italy alarmed by Tunisian migrants, Euronews
14/02/2011 "Le problème de l'agence Frontex, c’est son absence de discernement", interview with Claire Rodier, vice-President of Migreurrop, France 24
05/07/2010 Abused, humiliated and abandoned. What really happens when the UK deports failed asylum-seekers, The Independent
26/03/2010 Malta to no longer host Frontex missions ...PN, PL MEPs trade blows after EP voteMalta Independent Online
14/03/2010 Asylum deportation flights need rights monitors, EU says: Suggestion comes as the EU's external border agency, Frontex, prepares to assume extra powers, The Guardian
02/2010 Frontex's first regional office to open in Piraeus
01/2010 Portuguese Navy opens fire on undercover Frontex mission, Statewatch News Online
21/06/2009 First Frontex forced repatriation operation at sea, Malta Today
31/05/2008 Frontex - Die Grenzen sind überall, Der Standard
06/12/2007 Interview mit Frontex-Chef Laitinen: "Ich weiß, für einige sind wir die Bad Guys", Süddeutsche Zeitung
20/11/2006 Portuguese corvette for FRONTEX (Frontex intervening in Guinea Bissau's waters), Söderköping Process
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