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July 2014

The Hague district court: ‘exchange of telecommunications data between Dutch intel/security services and NSA is permissible’ (link)

Italy rescues 1,800 migrants over the weekend (euractiv, link)

Torture retold: how the ‘Hooded Men’ case has come back under the spotlight (Irish Times, link)

UK: IPCC concern over police use of Tasers to gain compliance - Police watchdog raises alarm over use of Tasers in 'drive-stun' mode, which can deliver a shock directly to the body (Guardian, link) See: IPCC Tasers (pdf)

US intelligence chief leaves Germany due to spy row (New Europe, link)

Over 2,000 rescued migrants arrive at Italy's ports (New Europe, link)

EU top court rejects German language test for Turks (BBC News, link)

UK: Met police get first water cannon for use on British streets - Boris Johnson splashed out more than £200,000 on the secondhand crowd quelling machines (Guardian, link)

Albanian Government took a decision a few days ago to create a central database and force registration of all mobile phone IMEIs. The database will be accessible to several state institutions "according to the field of responsibility and for whatever they merit based on the legal competencies carried out by them". (link in Albanian)

EU data protection authorities to agree approach to ‘right to be forgotten’ appeals (Irish Times, link)

UK: Mark Duggan inquest judicial review to start (Haringey Advertiser, link)

Golden Dawn seeks 'one-party state'i (EnetEnlgish, link)

Ethiopia Ginbot 7 leader facing death penalty 'extradited from Yemen' (BBC News, link)

Dutch 'Syria fighters' face prosecution if they return home (Amsterdam Herald, link)

Polish Muslims condemn 'hooliganism' after mosque attack (The, link)

More awareness of racism in Netherlands in wake of Zwarte Piet debate (Amsterdam Herald, link)

Roma schoolgirl deported from France arrives in Croatia (, link)

Serbia Urged To Adopt New Security Agency Law (Balkan Insight, link)

EU Commissioner: No Need of Refugee Situation Monitoring in Bulgaria (Novinite, link)

EU's right to be forgotten: Guardian articles have been hidden by Google - Publishers must fight back against this indirect challenge to press freedom, which allows articles to be 'disappeared'. Editorial decisions belong with them, not Google (Guardian, link)

Hunger Strike in all Greek prisons (, link)

New credit cards pose security problem - Hacker shows CBC how to crack 'contactless' MasterCard (CBC News, link)

German defence minister backs 'European armed drone' (euractiv, link)

Exporting Gaza’: The Arming of Brazil’s World Cup Security (The Nation, link)

Libya's detention centres accused of torturing migrants and refugees - EU should withhold financial assistance until abuses stop, says Human Rights Watch after hearing detainees' claims of beatings (Guardian, link)

June 2014

IRELAND: “We are now a blood-ridden country”: Margaretta D’Arcy rounds on TDs over Shannon…(The, link): "A PANEL OF TDs and senators have pledged to consider a petition asking for the Government to set up an investigation into US Military and CIA use of Irish airspace and Shannon Airport in particular. Peace activists from the Shannonwatch organisation — including Margaretta D’Arcy, who served three months in prison earlier this year for refusing not to engage in future protests at Shannon — made a presentation to the Oireachtas Joint sub-Committee on Public Petitions." See also Shannonwatch (link)

UK: The state of the nation: Infrastructure (ICE, link): ""[The report] warned, however, that hile we need to build the UK’s resilience, our infrastructure cannot be resilient to every eventuality, and that it will become more difficult to operate all infrastructure networks, at all times, in all conditions. It said a shift in the public’s expectations on infrastructure availability would be needed."

UK urged to tell all on US rendition flights - Fresh claims over use of overseas territory of Diego Garcia as secret jail for terrorist suspects (The Observer, link)

May 2014

As editors face more 'take-down' requests EU 'right to be forgotten' is at odds with US 'right to remember' (Press Gazette, link)

UK-GERMANY: Institutional racism in Germany is 'as bad as the Stephen Lawrence case' - Mother of dead student says police destroyed evidence and asks for investigation into involvement of far-right group (Guardian, link)

UK: Man wearing pig mask and toy bobby's helmet arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer (Manchester Evening News, link)

Hungary should reform its system for reviewing whole life sentences (link)

UK: Sussex police under fire for 'criminalising' fracking protests - Force accused of misusing section 14 orders last year with just 29 convictions resulting from 126 arrests at Cuadrilla site (Guardian, link)

BRUSSELS: Hundreds of protesters arrested in Brussels as business leaders debate 'maintaining citizen's trust' (euractiv, link)

EU: Power struggles delay EU data protection reform (DW, link): "The reform of the EU's data protection laws should have been settled before the elections. But political power plays have delayed an amendment meant to protect European consumers from Internet data breaches. "

April 2014

UK: When will security services stop harassing Jamal Osman? (Channel 4 News, link):

INTERNET: BRAZIL CONFERENCE: The U.S. is losing its swagger at Brazil's Internet governance conference (Daily Dot, link)

UK: Taser use by Essex police facing review (BBC News, link): "The use of Tasers by Essex Police is to be reviewed after the force trebled its usage of the stun guns over the past five years. Home Office statistics (link) showed Essex Police recorded 152 Taser deployments in 2013, compared with 42 in 2009."

UK 'e-borders' programme unable to help track immigration - Government ministers admit flagship £500m programme cannot replace existing methods of estimating net migration (Guardian, link)

UK: Anti-Fascist Five walk out of court vindicated (Defend the Right to Protest, link)

BASQUE COUNTRY: Massacre in Vitoria (link) and Film (link): Looks at a massacre in the Basque Country in March 1976 (after Franco's death but before 'democracy'), which occurred when pretty much an entire town went on strike to demand at first better wages and working conditions, and subsequently freedom of association, expression etc. Five people were killed by the police, but no one has ever been punished, and the people of the town only managed to put up a memorial recently - all their other attempts were stopped by the police, who benefitted from an amnesty when the fascist system collapsed.

CIA's Pakistan drone strikes carried out by regular US air force personnel - Former drone operators claim in new documentary that CIA missions flown by USAF's 17th Reconnaissance Squadron (Guardian, link)

Why is Europe failing to protect its Roma population from hate crimes? (New Statesman, link)

Top Greek official resigns over Golden Dawn video (Channel 4 News, link)

Morocco asks Spain for funds to help with on-the-spot deportations of migrants (El Pais, link)

Artists launch anti-drone campaign with giant poster of child in Pakistan (AllVoices, link)

South East European police forces establish good cooperation (, link)

Workplaces using private eyes to tail employees (Copenhagen Post, link)

Serious rise in number of self-inflicted prison deaths: Toll reaches 29 so far (Inquest, link)

Illegal detentions of protesters in Belgium during the visit of Chinese president (FIDH, link)

USA-NSA: Has the NSA Been Using the Heartbleed Bug as an Internet Peephole? (WIRED, link)

'Spy for us or we won’t let you become French' (The Local, link): "A young Russian-born student named Anna, desperate to gain French citizenship has become the centre of a scandal in France, after alleging police tried to blackmail her into spying on members of France’s anti-gay marriage movement or face the prospect of being deported."

Italy sounds alarm as 4,000 immigrants land (Yahoo, link)

March 2014

UK: Neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Mersey mosques branded "evil" by judge (Liverpool Echo, link)

FRANCE: President François Hollande to fire PM after local election rout with far right on the move (Independent, link)

UK: Neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Mersey mosques branded "evil" by judge (Liverpool Echo, link)

UK: Charities could be 'silenced' by data protection law, warns lawyer (Civil, link)

Good bye Schengen: Get your passport when traveling from Poland to Germany (TN, link)

Danish government plans to create a Center for Cybersecurity with privacy-invasive powers (EDRI, link)

Italy Closes Its Eyes to Sealed Mouths (IPS, link): "“We walk inside an area that is 128 steps long and seven-and-a-half steps wide. This is the path they made for us: two metres of bars over our heads, and upon the bars, two metres of plexiglas. We are like canaries in a cage, like birds of different races all in one cage."

Sea Swallows the Stories of Africans Drowned at Ceuta (IPS, link): "“Who will speak for them now? Who will tell their stories to their families in Cameroon or Ivory Coast?” asked Edmund Okeke, a Nigerian, about the 16 migrants who died while trying to swim to the shore of the Spanish city of Ceuta from Morocco. The victims were driven back with rubber bullets fired by the Spanish Guardia Civil (militarised police) from the beach of this Spanish enclave in north Africa, on Feb. 6."

SWEDEN: From boots to suits: Sweden Democrats' extreme roots (euobserver, link)

GREECE: On Location: Why refugees to Greece are sewing their mouths shut (Global Post, link)

Russian anger at SS veteran reunions in Baltic states (Voice of Russia, link): "In this Talking Point, Dr Marcus Papadopoulos argues why Russia is right to be furious over US and EU indifference to the fact that the governments of the Baltic States of Estonia and Latvia, both members of the European Union and NATO, have sanctioned SS veteran parades on their soil."

Hacking Team Spy Software Identified on US Servers (Corpwatch, link) and: Italian spyware firm relies on U.S. Internet servers (Washington Post, link) also: Hacking Team’s US Nexus (link)

UKRAINE: Neo-Nazis Pour Into Kiev: A stream of European jihadists have traveled to Syria to wage holy war. Now a group of European neo-Nazis are traveling to Ukraine to save the white race (The Daily Beast, link)

Slovakia to help Croatia with Schengen border (, link)

February 2014

SCOTLAND: Social landlord agrees immigration deal with the Home Office (, link): "Scotland’s largest housing association has become the first landlord in the UK to sign a deal with the Home Office to identify illegal migrants who apply for housing."

EU: 'Antici protocols' shed light on EU crisis summits (euobserver, link)

CoE: Police abuse – a serious threat to the rule of law (link): "Far too often, police officers in many European countries resort to excessive use of force against protesters, mistreat persons in detention, target minorities and otherwise engage in misconduct. This undermines public trust in the state, social cohesion, and effective law enforcement, which rests on cooperation between police and local communities."

Statewatch News Digest: 20 February 2014 (112 items)

EU to probe Spain over rubber bullets fired at migrants (BBC News, link)

Beirtear na IMSIs: Ireland's GSOC surveillance inquiry reveals use of mobile phone interception systems (PI, link)

January 2014

Leaked official document records 330 drone strikes in Pakistan (Bureau of Investigative Journalism, link) and: Get the data: Pakistani government’s secret report on drone strikes

UK: Labour calls on government to apologise over miners' strike - Move follows release of Whitehall papers showing deployment of troops was considered at height of mid-80s dispute (Guardian, link) and Cabinet papers reveal 'secret coal pits closure plan' (BBC News, link)

Statewatch News Digest: 27 January 2014 (90 items)

UK: Hungarian fascist group Jobbik on the run in London (Channel 4 News, link)

Judicial Review of Migrant Detention in Europe: In Search of Effectiveness and Speediness (Oxford Human Rights Hub, link)

IRELAND: Irish president urged to free ailing peace activist Margaretta D'Arcy - Pardon sought for elderly playwright jailed for refusing to stop protests over US military flights at Shannon airport (The Observer, link)

DENMARK: Thorning-Schmidt denies withholding information in Danish spying scandal (European Voice, link): "Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the prime minister of Denmark, has denied any wrongdoing in a spying scandal that led to the resignations of the country's justice minister and head of the domestic intelligence service. However, she is likely to be given an official parliamentary reprimand."

EU: Jobs not lifting Europeans out of poverty, commission warns (euobserver, link)

UK: Millions of passwords and email details stolen in Germany (BBC News, link)

Canada's government-sponsored law-breakers 'push the border out' (, link)

UK: NHS patient data to be made available for sale to drug and insurance firms - Privacy experts warn there will be no way for public to work out who has their medical records or how they are using it (Guardian, link)

EU: Immigration study reaches some surprising conclusions (ekathimerini, link): "Future historians will likely look upon 2011 as the watershed year for the mass exodus of young Greeks abroad. The preliminary results of a study conducted by the European University Institute (EUI) ... from the crisis-hit nations of Europe’s south and Ireland, has confirmed many suspicions and revealed unpleasant truths too."

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