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Council of the European Union
Atlas Network & Internal Security Strategy
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EU:Council of the European Union: Atlas Network & Internal Security Strategy

ATLAS: Working Party on Terrorism and Law Enforcement Working Party: Subject: Strengthening the ATLAS Network (LIMITE doc no: 11828-17, pdf):

"All of us remember the terrorist attacks that have occurred across the EU in recent years. Special intervention units (SIUs) are specifically trained and equipped to respond to such attacks. (...)

The ATLAS Network is an association consisting of 38 SIUs1 from the 28 Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU) and, in addition, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. (...)

the Network would benefit from the creation of a permanent ATLAS Support Office (ASO). Such an office could make use of Europol services such as accounting, IT and legal services, as well as draw expertise from seconded national experts from Member States`. (...)

As one of the main objectives of the ATLAS Network is rapid response to crisis situations, terror incidents in particular, and international cooperation, we propose involving both the Terrorism Working Party (TWP) and the Law Enforcement Working Party (LEWP) in this discussion. Bringing the issue to the attention of both LEWP and TWP is logical, since it is important to highlight the role of the ATLAS Network not only as law enforcement format, but also in the context of countering terrorism." [emphasis added]

• ISS: Joint trio Presidency paper on the renewed EU Internal Security Strategy 2015–2020 (LIMITE doc no: 11968-REV-1-17, pdf):

"Estonia, Bulgaria and Austria decided to draft a joint ISS trio paper containing five key topics which covers the 18-month joint trio Presidency period. During the joint Presidency period the most important topics to be addressed by the Presidencies will be the following: interoperability and information exchange, ATLAS, cooperation with third countries/third country regions (especially Ukraine and the Western Balkans), violent extremism, and the Security and the Migration Union 2025." [emphasis added]

Interoperability and information exchange: "The Commission, together with eu-LISA, EDPS, FRA and other relevant stakeholders, is expected to carry out the relevant studies by the end of 2017, by which time the Commission should also have proposed an omnibus Regulation updating the legal bases of existing information systems and enabling native interoperability at EU level, as well as legislative proposals on the three main dimensions of interoperability – a European search portal, a shared biometric matching service and a common identity repository." (...)

Security and Migration Union 2025: The trio Presidency of the Council has initiated a process (the 'Vienna process'), with the involvement of subsequent Presidencies, to pursue long-term goals in the field of internal security, including security-related topics in the area of asylum, migration and borders." [emphasis added]

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