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EU: Potential expansion of Eurodac database scope raises data protection concerns (ECRE Bulletin, link):

"The Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee of the European Parliament has adopted a report on the European Commission proposal to recast the Eurodac Regulation. It outlines a wide expansion of the scope of the Eurodac database that raises strong concerns about data protection.

These measures have raised serious concerns about asylum seekers’ right to data protection from a number of actors and organisations including ECRE, the European Data Protection Supervisor and the Meijers Committee."

See European Parliament adopted Report (its negotiating position, "orientation" vote) and the Council's position (LIMITE doc no: 10079-17,pdf) going into trilogue meetings.

Are You Syrious (17.6.17)


"Calais migrant solidarity reports of 4 deportation planned for the 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th of June.

4 Afghan men are facing direct deportation to Afghanistan, something that didn’t happen since 2009 in France. All of them have been arrested at the train station of Calais on May 10th, and transferred to the Mesnil-Amelot detention centre near Paris...."


"After a busy day on the sea rescuing 7 dinghies yesterday, MSF vessel Prudence approached and rescued one last boat last night. The boat had taken on a mix of water and fuel. A lady had to be urgently transported to a medical facility due to the effect of inhaling fuel fumes."


"QuieremosAcogerYa was the slogan of the demonstration held today in Madrid to demand the Spanish government to take in more refugees. Spain, which had pledged to take in more than 17300, has so far only welcomed just over 1300, media sources report. After the huge demonstration in Barcelona last Febraury, today, with temperatures reaching 40°, more than 8000 people demonstrated through the streets of Madrid."

Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 77,004 in 2017; 1,828 Deaths (IOM, link): Italy: 65,450, Greece 7,967, Spain 3.314 and Cyprus 273.

Are You Syrious (16.6.17, link):


"Four police officers were arrested and other four were dismissed, while another 18 officers and 4 civilians are under investigation in Lunigiana (between Liguria and Tuscany).They are accused of tens and tens of crimes, including 5 brutal beatings in the last year whose victims are a Polish homeless and some North African migrants. One of them, pushed to the ground, had his face squashed on the concrete with a shoe, the gun barrel in his mouth and was kicked and punched all over his body. In addition, when they didn’t feel like beating up someone, these police officers were peeing on the mattresses used as beds by the asylum seekers.

In their conversations other horrible details appear like their suggestion to stop thefts and crimes. By giving them total control, they could erase crime “even without killing”, just by taking all the criminals, once a day, put them in the car and beating them up hard. Destroy their houses, destroy everything they have, a bit of “healthy violence” will change the status of things in a month, according to these “men of justice”."


"The European Parliament has recognised that refugees should get longer protection periods and suggests that Residence permits for all beneficiaries of international protection in the EU should be valid for five years and be renewable for additional five-year periods.


"A petition has been lunched by Spanish Amnesty International to pressure the Spanish government to honor its promises and take more refugees into the country. The Spanish government has promised to relocate 17337 refugees until 26th of September of 2017, having only place so far 1304. Considering this, it’s highly unlikely that they reach the target, as they continue this widespread policy of looking the other way. The petition runs out on the 20th of June, Day of the Refugee. To support this movement please follow the link here."


"Unfortunately, now, almost everyday we are getting new reports of violent push backs to Serbia. Refugee behind the closed borders reports that Hungary has begun to beat people again when they are caught trying to cross the border irregularly."


"The arrivals at the Greek islands continue at a high rate which means that the conditions only deteriorate. The situation continues to be particularly bad on Chios at the moment where the greater number of arrivals has brought the situation to a breaking point with refugees having to find a place to sleep almost anywhere and rising tensions with the local population."

Greece: Numbers

"A boat arrived to the north of Lesvos last night carrying 23 people, 5 men, 6 women and 11 children.

The official registrations today were: Lesvos - 58, Chios - 39, Samos - 48, Total - 145

For the first time this year, there has been around 150 being registered, 3 days in a row. Chios has now reached 3000 registrations this year, and Lesvos around 2200. The total of arrivals to the islands this year has now reached 8128 according to official numbers."

And see Statewtch story below.

Arrival in Greece show sharp rise in arrivals

Figures released by the Greek Ministry show that refugee arrivals on the islands are rising:

13 June: 146
14 June: 151
15 June: 145
16 June:   52

Total on Islands: 14,322
Total in Greece:  62,258

European Parliament Briefings: Uncritical but useful summaries prepared for High-level Conference on migration management 21 June 2017:

  What has the European Union done in the field of migration since 2014? (pdf)
   European Parliament’s positions on key issues related to asylum and migration (pdf)

Greek Hotspots: Deaths Not to Be Forgotten (Pro Asyl, link):

"In an extensive policy paper, the team of Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) in Greece has observed that in numerous cases of refugee deaths at the hotspots on Greek islands, the Greek authorities have undertaken little or no investigation, turning the hotspots into an institutional gray zone."

Report: Refugee Support Aegean (RSA, link)

Spain’s handling of the Cayuco boat crisis (euractiv, link):

"Almost a decade before the deaths of 360 people in a shipwreck near Lampedusa, Italy, shook the world’s collective conscience about migration in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands – another southern European border – faced a similar challenge."

Polish PM under fire for using Auschwitz to make Poles fear refugees (euractiv, link)::

"Poland’s prime minister came under heavy fire yesterday (14 June) for appearing to defend her right-wing government’s anti-migrant policy during a memorial service at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi German death camp."

Hungary’s transit zones are prisons where pregnant women are handcuffed and children go hungry (Budapest Sentinel, link):

"The Hungarian government set up transit zones along the border as a place for those fleeing war to request international protection.

These transit zones operate as though they are located in a “no man’s land”. In other words, Hungarian law does not necessarily apply at these locations. Until now, we had no knowle
dge of what happens behind the gates of these transit zones because the public access to these areas is restricted...."

EU: European Parliament Study: Children On the Move: A Private International Law Perspective (pdf):

"The child’s best interests are a primary consideration under international and EU law. EU migration and private international law frameworks regulate child protection, but in an uncoordinated way: the Dublin III and Brussels IIa Regulations are neither aligned nor applied coherently.

This should change. In particular, the rules and mechanisms of Brussels IIa should be used to enhance the protection of migrant children. These include rules on jurisdiction to take protective measures, on applicable law, and on recognition and enforcement of protective measures, and mechanisms for cross-border cooperation between authorities."

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