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EU: Partnership Frameworks in Africa

Partnership Framework on Migration: Commission reports on results and lessons learnt one year on (Press release, pdf):

"A year into its implementation and ahead of the June European Council, the Commission and the High Representative present today the fourth progress report on the Partnership Framework on Migration."

Fourth Progress Report on the Partnership Framework with third countries under the European Agenda on Migration (COM 350-17, pdf)

Annex 1: Progress in priority countries (pdf)
Annex 2: EU Trust Fund for Africa - state of implementation (pdf)

Mali (pdf)
Niger (pdf)
Nigeria (pdf)
Senegal (pdf)
Ethiopia (pdf)
Libya (pdf)

See also: European Commission belatedly make available: Africa: "Partnership Frameworks" report (Statewatch) and Statewatch Analysis: EU-Africa: Fortress Europe’s neo-colonial project (pdf)

Are You Syrious (12.6.17, link):


"Much has changed in Serbia the last couple of months. The police violence, that up until now hasn’t been that well reported or harsh, compared with the violence and also psychological abuse from the Croatian and Hungarian police, has increased.

Since the barracks were evicted the position of president Vucic also remains even more safe after being re-elected. The fact that he now has secured his position could be a trigger for more violence, since he isn’t known to be the biggest defender of human rights...."

Greece: Registrations

"Official numbers of new registrations are, Saturday to Monday, 124 people. Most people arrived at Lesvos. The average number per day in June has so far been just over 43 people, which brings the total up to 523 people. In addition to this seven people where deported last Friday, the 9th of June. Of them five was from Pakistan and two from Algeria. All of them were men.

Today a summary over refugee flows to the Greek Islands was released, and according to the information in the report there currently are 14 004 people residing on the islands all together. The total number for all Greece currently are 62 128 people. For more stats."

EURODAC: e-LISA: European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice: Eurodac - annual statistics (Press release, pdf):

"In 2016, Eurodac processed: "Over 1,000,000 fingerprints of applicants for international protection aged 14 or more - more than 370,000 fingerprints of persons aged 14 or older, apprehended when irregularly crossing the external border of a Member State - over 252,000 fingerprints of persons aged 14 or older, apprehended illegally present on the territory of a Member State."

In July 2015, the new Eurodac Regulation (No 603/2013) took effect and national police forces as well as Europol can now have access to the system but in 2016 only 327 searches were made by EU police forces.

See also: 2016 Report (pdf) and List of authorities with access (pdf)

Poland mulls refugee referendum (New Europe, link):

"Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has announced that a vote on whether the country should accept the European Union’s refugee quotas could coincide with general elections scheduled for 2019.

“I’m ready to put forward a motion for a referendum on this,” Duda said. “That would allow the new government to hear the clear voice of the nation on the issue.”

Prime Minister Beata Szydlo’s cabinet, led by the ruling Law & Justice Party, has said it won’t accept any of the refugees who have come to Europe from the Middle East and Africa in the continent’s worst migrant crisis since World War II."

In Greece, Allegations of Government Kidnapping and Forced Deportation (Pacific Standard, link): "The Hellenic League for Human Rights and the United Nations are calling on the government to investigate what they call a coordinated attempt to deport at-risk Turkish refugees."

Brussels takes on (most of the) Visegrad Group over refugees (Politico, link);

"The European Commission is this week expected to launch infringement proceedings against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic over their refusal to join in with the EU’s refugee relocation scheme, diplomats said.

In summer 2015 EU member countries agreed to relocate 160,000 refugees across the bloc and their decision is legally binding. However, Poland and Hungary haven’t taken in a single refugee between them, and they openly oppose the mandatory nature of the scheme."

Experts in tackling migrant smuggling meet to enhance cooperation and information exchange (Europol, link):

"On 9 June 2017, Europol’s European Migrant Smuggling Centre, as part of the tasks emerging from the Malta Declaration and associated Implementation Plan, organised an expert meeting focusing on cooperation and information exchange in tackling migrant smuggling networks operating from source and transit countries, with a specific focus on North Africa and the Central Mediterranean route.

The meeting brought together representatives from the (Immigration) Liaison Officers’ support units from 17 EU Member States as well as the European Commission."

Greece earthquake hits Lesbos: Tremors felt in Istanbul and Athens (BBC News, link):

"A strong earthquake has struck off the Aegean coast of western Turkey and the Greek island of Lesbos, with tremors felt in Istanbul and Athens.

The epicentre of the 6.3 magnitude quake was 5km (3 miles) south of Plomari, a town on the coast of Lesbos, the US Geological Survey said. Several buildings were damaged but the village of Vrisa was worst hit with 10 people taken to hospital."

See also: Vrisa: The ghost village of Lesvos after earthquake strikes with 6.3R (Keep Talking Greece, link)

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