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Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe
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Greek Ombudsman: Special Report: Migration flows and refugee protection: Administrative challenges and human rights issues (pdf):

"EU was called upon also in the past to strike a balance between the conflicting interests of its Member States,
to reconcile often diametrically opposite priorities within a common, European narrative of development and progress for all its citizens...

EU was called upon also in the past to strike a balance between the conflicting interests of its Member States, to reconcile often diametrically opposite priorities within a common, European narrative of development and progress for all its citizens...

One of the most characteristic expressions of the common, European political structure giving way before the individual priorities and imperatives of the Member States is the so-called EU-Turkey Statement of 18 March 2016, which, without being a convention of the Union with a third country, from a legal aspect, introduced a host of derogations from the EU regulatory framework..."

GREECE: Ministry: 43 refugees arrived on Lesvos on Friday 9 June and 69 on Saturday 10 June.

Are You Syrious (10.6.17, link):


"Libyan Coast Guard rescued over 480 people today at sea off Azzawya, but at least eight people drowned and over 100 are still missing. Previously this week, only on Thursday and Friday, more than 900 people were rescued off Libya.

All the people who were rescued are taken to the detention center in Zawia, and probably they will be sent back to the countries they are coming from.

At the same time, over 1000 people were rescued closer to Italy in several operations. Sea-Watch crew at one point of time during a day had on board 220 people rescued from sinking inflatables, including one pregnant woman -Virtue from Nigeria - who as transferred to boat Pheonix for medical care. Unfortunately, two of the passengers did not make it....."


"Local media are reporting about two Bulgarians and one Afghan man who are charged with human trafficking after nine people died when a minibus crashed in southern Bulgaria weekend before. The driver was 16-years old Bulgarian, who did not even have a driving license. He also got killed in this accident. One of the Bulgarians was also charged with causing the deaths through negligence.

Bulgarian police continue arresting people who are trying to cross the border. This year, 2,054 people on their journey were intercepted and arrested after crossing the border. At the same time, fifty-two traffickers were arrested."


"People from Afghanistan are being more often arrested and taken to detention across the country, the local activists are reporting. This year, a number of Afghans in detention centers has risen to 80, and six of them are facing deportation to Kabul soon. Several flights has been booked for June, despite reports from Afghanistan about increased hostilities.

La Cimade group strongly denounces deportations and calls on France to stop immediately all deportations to Afghanistan."

Airbnb to help host 35,000 refugees in houses across Greece (, link):

"Short-term property rental platform Airbnb has announced that it will be helping to find housing for some 35,000 asylum seekers trapped in Greece, a representative for the company told the Concordia Europe Summit in Athens.

According to the representative, Airbnb is developing a special platform,, where property owners can offer their house or apartment to refugees for as long as desired or needed.

The company hopes that its campaign, which is Europe-wide, will help house a total of 100,000 people across the continent.

The initiative is run with the help of the nongovernmental organization Solidarity Now."

Training the Libyans is not enough to stop migrants (Open Migration, link):

"On the night of May 23, 2017, the captain of the Iuventa, a ship from the German NGO Jugend Rettet, reported a new attack at sea by a Libyan motorboat: the crew had shot at some boats overloaded with refugees, then brought two of them back towards Libya. Was it the Libyan Coast Guard? How is Italy training them, and to what end? And how many Coast Guards actually exist in Libya? Francesco Floris takes us into the details of training in Libya and its historical precedents. "

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