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French border police ban aid convoy from sailing from Dover (Peoples' Assembly)
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UPDATED: "Last night we were contacted by the Metropolitan Police who informed us that the French authorities have decided to ban the Convoy to Calais from entering France and, as things stand at the moment, we will not be granted permission to cross the border.

We are doing all in our power to get this overturned. It is more important than ever that we go ahead and show the strength of feeling and support for refugees. If the authorities still refuse to let us cross the channel we will be holding a protest in Dover.

We will still assemble the convoy on Whitehall at 8:30am and will drive to Dover.
We are in negotiations to get the ban lifted and are putting political pressure here and in France to allow the convoy to cross the French border.

How you can help: Sign and share the petition Calling for a reversal of the ban and demanding that the UK government gets involved. Sign the petition here"

For immediate release: Thursday 16th June:

"A huge aid convoy to Calais is being banned by French border police in Dover. The 250 vehicle mercy mission has been planned for months and is now facing a last minute ban by the French border controls that exist at the ferry port in Dover.

Campaigners are calling for David Cameron to intervene so that the much needed aid for refugees can be delivered. They describe the response as 'phenomenal'. A 38 tonne truck is to head up the aid Convoy to Calais.

Sam Fairbairn said: "This is Europe, there is supposed to be free movement of people. "is unacceptable that we can't even get across the Channel to deliver aid to desperate people"

Organisers have offered to meet outside Calais in order facilitate efficient delivery. "Its adding insult to injury leaving refugees in a perilous state in Calais and then denying aid and solidarity on a false pretext", said organiser Weyman Bennett.

The convoy is going to go to Dover whatever happens, organisers say: "We will be calling on all our supporters to turn up in Dover and demand that we are allowed to get on the ferry we have booked and paid for"

"We are calling for a mass protest at this undemocratic and authoritarian decision, we demand that the British government tell the French authorities that this is unacceptable and that we should be allowed free passage"

As a recent Amnesty report suggested that 70% of the public think that the government should be 'doing more to help those fleeing war and persecution', masses of aid was collected across the country.

The Convoy has been organised by: The People's Assembly, Stop The War Coalition and Stand Up To Racism Supported by: Momentum, Muslim Association of Britain, Unite, Unison, CWU, TSSA, PCS, ASLEF, FBU, Care4Calais, Woodcraft Folk. Humanitas."

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